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Child Protection Officer: Roles and Responsibilities

Suitable for :-    Secondary
Course Reference: 8050WW Duration: One day Price: £299.00+ VAT
Understand and Discharge All Your Legal Responsibilities to Keep Your Students Safe
The role of the child protection officer is vital in safeguarding children’s wellbeing and carries a lot of responsibility with it. Our experienced course leader will ensure that you fully understand your role and responsibilities and will work with you to develop the skills and knowledge you need to fulfil this role effectively, sensitively and appropriately. This course has been developed for school staff with a specific responsibility for child protection including the designated senior person and deputy.

  • Developing and embedding your school’s policy
  • Understanding key legislation and guidance
  • Recognising and overcoming barriers to disclosure
  • Handling allegations and complaints
  • Making referrals and working with other agencies
  • Ensuring staff are appropriately trained
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Child Protection
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