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Five Ideas for Promoting Body Confidence and Self-Esteem in your Pupils

11th Jan 2015

This post was first published in UKEdChat Magazine and is reproduced here with kind permission. As educators, we’re all aware that it’s not enough simply to fill our pupils with knowledge and hope for the best. In order for them to enjoy and achieve both within and beyond school, they need both healthy self-esteem and […]

Encouraging Students to Study Dance in Schools

26th Nov 2014

We all know the benefits that the creative arts provide in developing young people in a myriad of ways, but when it comes to options and Dance GCSE or A Level is offered, it can often be the case that only the talented/experienced able bodied girls who seek a balance of practical and academic studies […]

Bullying – is your school doing all it can? 8 questions to explore

14th Oct 2014

Every school I’ve ever worked with has told me that they have a zero tolerance approach to bullying. It sounds great but when you start to look beneath the surface, it’s often clear that whilst policies and procedures might exist, they are not working hard enough to keep vulnerable students safe. Take a few minutes […]

Getting the Most out of the Performance Management Process

7th Oct 2014

Increasingly performance management can feel a bit of a box ticking exercise. However, there’s a great amount to be gained from good performance management; it can provide an opportunity to share ideas for overcoming barriers, explore new opportunities for expanding our skills and can also be a great time to pause and celebrate a job […]

A New Set of Standards for Teaching Assistants

3rd Oct 2014

An independent review panel chaired by Kate Dethridge, Principal of Churchend Primary Academy, Reading, has been appointed to review and draw up a new set of standards for teaching assistants.  The panel’s aim is to draw up standards which: – are unequivocal, clear and easy to understand – can be used to assess the performance of teaching assistants – […]

A Top Score for the PE and Sport Premium

24th Sep 2014

The latest research shows that the government’s £150 million a year PE and sport premium has helped to improve primary school sports provision. Nine out of 10 primary schools have improved the quality of PE lessons thanks to the PE and sport premium introduced in 2013. Funding goes directly to primary school headteachers who can […]

Advice I wish I’d been given as an NQT

16th Sep 2014

Your first teaching post can start off as exciting, inspiring and motivating but as the honeymoon period comes to the end and the weight of responsibility and the marking kicks in, NQTs can often worry that they’ve made a terrible mistake. Below we have shared some advice from more experienced colleagues who have been in […]

How to Establish Yourself as an Effective Leader in School

8th Sep 2014

Twitter and Facebook feeds are awash with adorable pictures of kids starting school this week, but they’re not the only ones facing the new term with excitement mixed with a little bit of uncertainty and trepidation – plenty of school staff are too. This is especially true for colleagues entering into their first leadership role. […]

GSCEs – Maths up, English down

21st Aug 2014

English GCSE results have taken a dip (-1.9%) this year while those in maths have increased. Both Ofqual and the Joint Council for Qualifications suggest the removal of speaking and listening as the move to linear exams are responsible for the fluctuation in English results. The reduction in early entries seems to have made on […]

Guest Post: How To Keep The Classroom Quiet

24th Jul 2014

Noisy classrooms are one of the most consistent problems in day to day teaching. Getting a group of teenagers or younger children to calm down before a lesson starts is never going to be easy, and requires a good mix of patience and practical planning to make things run smoothly. Noise control methods can vary considerably, but should always be approached without having to lose your temper, or by resorting to shouting. While there’s no foolproof way to guarantee quiet in the classroom, the following tips represent some ideas for lowering the volume:

You know you’re a teacher on summer holidays when…

21st Jul 2014

A big thank you from Creative Education to teachers up and down the country who’ve worked so hard this academic year. We hope you have a lovely summer holiday planned. To get you off on the right foot, we thought we’d have a little bit of fun by listing our favourite telltale signs that your’e a […]

We Have a New Education Secretary – But Who is Nicky Morgan?

15th Jul 2014

Social Media is humming with the news that it’s time for us to say goodbye to Michael Gove as Education Secretary and to welcome a new face – Nicky Morgan. But just who is Nicky Morgan and what can we expect from her? Nicky Morgan is the MP for Loughborough and now one of only […]

Window Opens for Schools To Opt into Progress 8 Measures

25th Jun 2014

The window for schools to opt into the new performance measures a year early in 2015, has now opened and will remain open until the end of June 2015. Secondary mainstream maintained schools, academies and free schools can all opt in. Headteachers and principals were sent the procedure and details for opting in on 20 […]

Making Marking Quicker and More Effective

25th Jun 2014

A typical teacher marks an average of 83024 pieces of work each week. Okay, that may not be true, but it certainly feels that way. We spend so much time marking that it can be hard to prioritise time for other things like lesson planning and… sleeping. So how can we make marking take up […]

The New National Curriculum – Your Questions Answered

12th Jun 2014

With a new national curriculum looming, everyone is full of questions and keen to identify sources of help. We’ve pulled together your most common questions in the blog post below and at the end you can find details of Creative Education courses which will help you to implement the new National Curriculum.   When do […]

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