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Special needs and physical education: Practical inclusion strategies to remove barriers to the curriculum

7th Jun 2016

All children are entitled to participate in PE lessons at school in the UK. Where appropriate, lessons must be inclusive of SEND pupils.

British Council Core Skills courses are now available online!

2nd Jun 2016

Creative Education is pleased to support the British Council with the launch of online only core skills training. The Connecting Classrooms programme is now available to be completed online, allowing you to do so at your own pace and when it suits you. is a training package that gives teachers the knowledge and approaches they need to […]

Developing creativity and imagination in your students

3rd May 2016

Is the pressure to meet syllabus requirements hampering the learning experience of your pupils? Get their creative juices flowing with these techniques.

Nurture student leadership to impact student success

11th Apr 2016

We explain the benefits of developing student leadership and give our top ideas to nurture student leadership and mediation as part of a positive behaviour plan in your school.

Key changes in the new geography A level

4th Apr 2016

From September 2016 a new A level geography specification will have to be delivered. We explain the changes to content, fieldwork and assessment.

Ofsted – the inside story

11th Mar 2016

The author of this latest blog served as an HMI until 2013 and is now a Creative Education Trainer. He explores whether Ofsted is data driven and tells you how you should prepare for an inspection.

School guest speakers – maximise the impact

9th Mar 2016

Inviting school guest speakers or visitors can be a powerful way to engage pupils. These ideas will ensure you maximise on the impact they have.

Eight truths about motivated school leadership teams (SLTs)

7th Mar 2016

School leadership teams (SLTs) come in many shapes and sizes, but the most motivated ones tend to have the same characteristics in common.

The science crisis: how to promote science and raise achievement

24th Feb 2016

How are you dealing with the STEM crisis? These tips will help you to inspire pupils and enable the science subjects to grow and flourish in your schools.

Challenging able children

22nd Feb 2016

Although able children are often grouped, they may have very different needs. Read how these children all needed to be challenged differently.

10 ideas about ‘circularity’ in Macbeth

18th Feb 2016

Here is a new and exciting way to engage and stimulate students when teaching Macbeth which will stretch all members of your class.

How to manage work and governing together

15th Feb 2016

Balancing full-time employment outside school and being a governor can be a challenge. Here are four ideas to help balance your work and your governing.

Making the transition from secondary to primary teaching

8th Feb 2016

Top tips on preparing for a transition from secondary to primary education. We explain the skills needed to have a real chance of succeeding.

Primary history: concepts and skills

1st Feb 2016

Read a new way for teachers to think about the primary history curriculum in terms of deciding what to include in a scheme of work, and what to leave out.

Preparing for Senior Management

26th Jan 2016

If you’ve secured a promotion or considered a move to senior management internally or at another school read our tips on how to meet the challenges ahead.

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