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Book Now for Free Training Programme for Core Maths Teaching in the Further Education and Training Sector

20th May 2015

Creative Education is proud to be working on behalf of the Education and Training Foundation to deliver a range of 6 day courses to train experienced maths teachers in preparation for the introduction of the core Maths curriculum in the FE Further Education and Training sector. The core maths curriculum was announced by the government […]

Five mistakes to avoid when using technology as a teaching tool

13th May 2015

Increasingly, digital technology is a regular feature in lessons across the curriculum across all key stages. Technology can be a great way to engage students and to bring learning alive through the use of video, interactive apps or a real life audience across the world using social media or tools like Skype. If you’re planning […]

Delegation: 7 ways outstanding school leaders get it right

11th May 2015

Delegation sounds like a simple thing… Ask other people to do things. But it’s clearly not as simple as it sounds or we’d all be a lot better at it wouldn’t we? When talking to middle and senior leaders in schools and colleges, they often give similar reasons why they fail to delegate: It feels […]

Controlling a class: dealing with difficult behaviour

6th May 2015

Difficulties with behaviour management is one of the issues that promises to wear down even the most experienced, passionate and dedicated of teachers occasionally. When it’s not going right, we can find ourselves feeling lost and out of control – and sometimes things continue to get worse. So what steps can we take to try […]

Education policies and promises – how the parties compare

29th Apr 2015

With the general election just around the corner, this post compares the education policies and promises put forward by the UK’s political parties.  We’ve tried to provide a straight forward, non-biased summary from which you can draw your own conclusions.      At least 500 extra free schools will be built if the Conservatives win the […]

Revising for exams: Tips to help you get it right

13th Apr 2015

With exam season looming, every student in the land is looking for a magic bullet to help them get through their exams unscathed. Sadly there is no magic to be had here other than hard work, but there are a few strategies you can employ to ensure that the time you spend revising is spent […]

Identifying the signs a student might be suffering abuse

24th Mar 2015

If there’s one thing that none of us ever want to do, it’s miss out on the signs that a student is suffering from abuse. Every day that abuse goes undetected is another day that a young person is suffering. Your gut will often be your very best guide – if you’ve known a child […]

Better Inspection for All? An overview of Ofsted’s proposed changes and what they will mean for your school

24th Feb 2015

After consulting with schools, the public and inspectors, Ofsted have proposed some major changes to the inspection framework which will take effect from September 2015. We’ve summarised them below, and indicated what this might mean for your school. A new Common Inspection FrameworkWhat it means: A new common inspection framework will be implemented across all […]

Recruitment: 7 points to consider about your perfect candidate before making a job offer

5th Feb 2015

You’re recruiting for a new member of staff and you’ve put all your candidates through their paces and are ready to make a job offer. Before you go ahead, here are a few, often forgotten, points for consideration which can make a huge difference to the likelihood of your new recruit being happy and effective […]

Four practical underpinnings of academic resilience

27th Jan 2015

The ability to try, fail then try again is an important one for our students to master but can be difficult to instil, with many students preferring the instant gratification of first time success or lacking the skills to respond to failure positively and proactively. In order to help students of any age develop their […]

Five Ideas for Promoting Body Confidence and Self-Esteem in your Pupils

11th Jan 2015

This post was first published in UKEdChat Magazine and is reproduced here with kind permission. As educators, we’re all aware that it’s not enough simply to fill our pupils with knowledge and hope for the best. In order for them to enjoy and achieve both within and beyond school, they need both healthy self-esteem and […]

Encouraging Students to Study Dance in Schools

26th Nov 2014

We all know the benefits that the creative arts provide in developing young people in a myriad of ways, but when it comes to options and Dance GCSE or A Level is offered, it can often be the case that only the talented/experienced able bodied girls who seek a balance of practical and academic studies […]

Bullying – is your school doing all it can? 8 questions to explore

14th Oct 2014

Every school I’ve ever worked with has told me that they have a zero tolerance approach to bullying. It sounds great but when you start to look beneath the surface, it’s often clear that whilst policies and procedures might exist, they are not working hard enough to keep vulnerable students safe. Take a few minutes […]

Getting the Most out of the Performance Management Process

7th Oct 2014

Increasingly performance management can feel a bit of a box ticking exercise. However, there’s a great amount to be gained from good performance management; it can provide an opportunity to share ideas for overcoming barriers, explore new opportunities for expanding our skills and can also be a great time to pause and celebrate a job […]

A New Set of Standards for Teaching Assistants

3rd Oct 2014

An independent review panel chaired by Kate Dethridge, Principal of Churchend Primary Academy, Reading, has been appointed to review and draw up a new set of standards for teaching assistants.  The panel’s aim is to draw up standards which: – are unequivocal, clear and easy to understand – can be used to assess the performance of teaching assistants – […]

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