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Top Tips for Engaging Students in Alcohol Education

20th Nov 2015

Drinkaware for education have developed an excellent range of resources and guidance to support teachers of students aged 9-14 in delivering alcohol awareness education. The resources are comprehensive and include everything you need to deliver a range of relevant lessons including full lesson plans, guidance notes, videos and PowerPoint presentations. You can download them here.  The […]

Overcoming 10 common barriers to parental engagement

9th Nov 2015

Parents can become disengaged with school – this post looks at overcoming common barriers so parents can have maximum impact on their child’s education.

On 31st October reporting of FGM became mandatory

3rd Nov 2015

Until now the numbers of women affected has been based on estimates and sparsely collected data. This is changing. Building awareness of Female Genital Mutilation, Forced Marriage and honour based violence is key. In recent years these hidden forms of abuse have been highlighted more and more by the media and campaign groups. As a […]

Ten Top Tips: Tackling Disruptive Behaviour

20th Oct 2015

Disruptive behaviour is a challenge in many schools and many classrooms here are some strategies for beating it.

Making sense of the new PSHE requirements to build a curriculum

14th Oct 2015

PSHE has a unique status within the National Curriculum as it is a non-statutory subject for which there is no over-arching DfE published Programme of Study – yet schools are required to teach it. All schools should make provision for personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE), drawing on good practice. (National Curriculum Framework 2014)The […]

Keeping it real. Make Geography relevant to your pupils

24th Sep 2015

In its last two reports into the teaching of geography, Ofsted stated that a high proportion of students, particularly in KS3, don’t think that geography is relevant to them.  As geography teachers, we probably find that hard to believe – Geography is everywhere, in their everyday lives, on their journeys to school, in the places […]

Fully Funded CPD from the British Council and Creative Education

15th Sep 2015

Creative Education is offering a new set of British Council core skills courses across England under the new Connecting Classrooms programme. ‘Teaching the core skills’ training packages give teachers the knowledge and approaches they need to effectively integrate the teaching of core skills in the classroom. What are core skills? Core skills are the essential […]

Making writing fun and engaging

7th Jul 2015

Small children naturally want to write. They make marks and are keen to tell stories and ascribe meaning to their marks. Somewhere along the way they can lose that enthusiasm and writing, instead of a joy, becomes a chore. So as teachers we need to find ways of inspiring them to want to write and […]

Twelve ways to get up to speed when teaching a new subject for the first time

1st Jul 2015

Increasingly, teachers find themselves expected to teach subjects which are beyond their areas of specialism. Whilst you may embrace the challenge, it can feel somewhat daunting. To provide you with some ideas and support, we’ve listed twelve tips below to help you increase your knowledge and confidence when teaching a subject as a non-specialist. 1. […]

Apps for autism: from early years to individuals with communication and fine motor skills challenges

29th Jun 2015

Using technology is a popular leisure time activity for many children with autism and this can be harnessed in a positive way for educational benefit. In order to ensure that children have appropriate use of IT they should have opportunities to: Learn new skills Become more motivated Develop increased concentration on tasks Initiate more contact […]

How to support a student who is having a panic attack

25th Jun 2015

Witnessing a student having a panic attack can be distressing, and many staff find themselves wondering how best to support students. There are a few simple steps you can follow and these are worth all staff knowing. If you have students who regularly have panic attacks, it’s worth discussing these suggestions with them and asking […]

Using gamification to promote boys’ enjoyment of English

19th Jun 2015

When travelling the length and breadth of the UK to deliver courses for Creative Education I always introduce the concept of gamification as a means of raising attainment by increased pupil engagement in English. It is a topic that I find really inspires delegates not least because this “cutting edge” technique is something teachers have […]

Using Distancing Techniques in PSHE

12th Jun 2015

Teaching some of the topics in the PSHE curriculum can be tricky, even awkward and, not to put too fine a point on it, just plain embarrassing. Some experienced teachers can handle it all without any problem. But what about those who find it more of a challenge? And more importantly, what about the pupils? […]

Mathematics in (or out of) context?

8th Jun 2015

Despite years of research and numerous studies about transferability of skills the teaching and learning of mathematics continues to be a problem. Students are still all too frequently unable to apply their mathematical knowledge and skills outside the confines of the mathematics classroom. Many of them simply do not recognise external situations where a mathematical […]

New GCSE English Language and Literature

8th Jun 2015

I am sure you are aware of the key changes to English GCSE exams and have had a chance to look at sample exam board material but it always help to get involved in a discussion or have some points thrown out at you just to help you in your planning and approach towards first […]

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