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Pooky Knightsmith

Maths Teaching Ideas: 10 Great Maths Games Sites

Maths Teaching Ideas: 10 Great Maths Games SitesThere are a few days until the end of term – just enough time to get your kids hooked on these maths teaching websites so they can practice their long division and algebra throughout the holidays…. Well a teacher can dream can’t they?


In all seriousness though, online maths teaching games can be a great way to engage students in maths learning, even if they aren’t very motivated in class.  There a huge range of sites available and I’m recommending ten that were highlighted to me by Vijay Krishnan, a maths tutor who has found that these sites have really improved his students’ maths abilities.


I hope you’ll find these maths teaching resources useful – if you have any to add, please share them in a comment.


If you are a maths teacher, you might be interested in Creative Education’s range of courses for maths teachers.  We have a wide range of courses including courses for new maths teachers, gifted and talented maths approaches, and strategies for raising achievement in maths.


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