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Special Needs

Funding for Teachers and SEN Support Staff

9th May 2014

The National Scholarship Fund has opened a fund worth up to £1 million for teachers and SEN support staff to cover 50% of training fees, and you can use this grant to pay towards the cost of Creative Education’s special needs courses.    Teachers will need to complete the online application and can bid for up to […]

Guest Post: Autism in School – 5 of the Most Common Misunderstandings Explained

22nd Oct 2012

Autism has garnered much attention recently, however, despite advances in science, treatments and educational techniques, there are several common misconceptions about autistic children. We’ve looked at 5 common myths about autism and dug deep into their roots to try to reveal the truth behind these myths. Our hope is that with a greater understanding of autism, society’s perception and treatment of autistic individuals will move in a positive direction.

Developing the Writing Skills of EAL Students

23rd Feb 2012

Pupils with EAL face two main challenges:  they need to learn English and they need to learn the content of the curriculum. Teachers have to accept that pupils with EAL may not always access every aspect of the lesson but we should plan teaching approaches to match needs and accelerate learning. In our planning we […]

Guest Post: Help Your Children to See the Words they Read

19th Jan 2012

The government is quite right to support the teaching of systematic synthetic phonics in schools, and the forthcoming matched funding initiative for KS1 Phonics materials will be a welcome boost for many schools who need to invest in phonics resources at this level. It will also be a bonanza for the publishers who have got […]

Inclusion equals difference!

4th Jan 2011

‘Inclusion is about treating everyone differently and not treating them the same.’

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