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12 Ways to Recharge Your Batteries in the School Holidays

Date: 11th Apr 2014

You’ve made it to the end of term, somewhat war worn and weary no doubt, but you’ve made it.  Now it’s time to help your body recuperate after everything that a heavy term at school has thrown at it.  Here are some ideas to help you look after yourself and fully recharge your batteries.  Reflect […]

Guest Post: Autism in School – 5 of the Most Common Misunderstandings Explained

Date: 22nd Oct 2012

Autism has garnered much attention recently, however, despite advances in science, treatments and educational techniques, there are several common misconceptions about autistic children. We’ve looked at 5 common myths about autism and dug deep into their roots to try to reveal the truth behind these myths. Our hope is that with a greater understanding of autism, society’s perception and treatment of autistic individuals will move in a positive direction.

Guest Post: Back to School – How to Motivate Your Class After the Summer Break

Date: 11th Oct 2012

After a summer full of free time – most of which kids will have spent sleeping, lazing around and playing – it’s no wonder that many pupils find the return to school a difficult adjustment. The school routine of the previous year is a distant memory, and this can make coming back into a learning […]

5 Ideas to Jazz Up a Premade Lesson Plan

Date: 8th Mar 2012

As teachers, we live to be creative and find new and better ways to help children learn. But equally, as teachers, we have an immense workload and it can be really difficult to make all the hours add up in the day. Many of us turn to premade TES lesson plans as a way of squaring […]

7 Key Steps to Stop You Wasting Hours in Meetings At School

Date: 6th Mar 2012

Honestly, how many hours have you wasted in this week, this month? How many meetings you’ve attended have been clear, focussed and prompt? How many have just descended into random discussion?

Follow the steps below and I think you can cut the time you spend in meetings by half. Imagine what you could do with all that extra time in your day!

Do You Have a Student With Anorexia in Your Class?

Date: 1st Mar 2012

Eating disorders are a growing problem among our students, but often it can be very challenging to identify which students are at risk.

Prevention is always better than cure, but anorexia can be hard to identify in its early stages – only becoming obvious when significant intervention is required.

So how do you spot a child in your class with the signs of anorexia so you can get the appropriate support?

The 7 Signs You’re Losing Control of Your Class

Date: 28th Feb 2012

We’re over half way through the year now, and no doubt you’ve been trying your hardest to keep your classes on a tight leash. But now’s also the time, with spring approaching and youthful exuberance in full flow that your class can start to slip away from you. So what are the early warning signs, […]

Guest Post: Drama May Be Essential for Effective SRE

Date: 24th Feb 2012

 An interesting guest post by David Evans  of the SRE Project on the role of Drama in effective SRE. “I am an actor really – giving a performance in the classroom.” I must have heard teachers draw that analogy dozens of times. Often they will develop their thesis with phrases like ‘You’ve got to have […]

Developing the Writing Skills of EAL Students

Date: 23rd Feb 2012

Pupils with EAL face two main challenges:  they need to learn English and they need to learn the content of the curriculum. Teachers have to accept that pupils with EAL may not always access every aspect of the lesson but we should plan teaching approaches to match needs and accelerate learning. In our planning we […]

Innovation in Your Lessons – There is No Middle Ground

Date: 21st Feb 2012

I was struck yesterday when I read this post by Seth Godin In Search of a Timid Trapeeze Artist (you can read it, it’s very short!) What he says is generally true of all organisations – and of schools too. Innovation in teaching isn’t really something you can dabble in, it’s a lifestyle choice. A choice […]

How to Deal with Criticism of Your Teaching Style

Date: 20th Feb 2012

There is no failure, only feedback. But as much as we might know this implicitly sometimes the way feedback is given can make it feel like we’ve failed. The problem is particularly acute with teaching, as so many of the outcomes can sometimes be subjective. Were a class really engaged? Were students making sufficient progress? Was […]

Writing Your Own Professional Development Plan

Date: 17th Feb 2012

As the half term draws mercilessly towards its close, I started wondering about all those resolutions I made back in late last year and how they’ve fared – some well, some less well.

I suspect you may have made similar resolutions too. So if, like mine those good intentions have been swamped in a sea of workload, let’s take a moment to step back from it all and look afresh at where you want to get to, and what you need to do to do it.

Try Our New and Improved Twitter Guide for Teachers!

Date: 15th Feb 2012

Our guide to Twitter for teachers has been phenomenally popular. Countless kind people have retweeted it and spread it to an even bigger audience. Which is why I’m pleased to announce that the guide is recently updated, containing new information on top science tweeters, top geography tweeters and over 40 Twitter #edchats for teachers. Exciting […]

5 Ways to Use Augmented Reality in the Classroom

Date: 13th Feb 2012

In a nutshell, augmented reality (or AR) is about superimposing a computer-generated image, sound or video on to a live view of the world. This can take a number of forms – with a web cam on the computer or even on your smartphone. There’s no doubt about it, augmented reality is cool. But when […]

The 5 Bits of Advice That Will Save Your Teaching Career

Date: 10th Feb 2012

  You’ve spent a long time training to teach, and years honing and practicing your craft. What a shame if all that hard work were put at risk because of a simple mistake or misunderstanding. Here’s five bits of advice to prevent it ever coming to that…   Keep a Professional Distance from Your Students […]

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