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Top Tips for Teaching Interviews

12th Jan 2017

Kathryn Crosweller gives her top tips for teaching interviews – having been on both sides of the table, she has a wealth of experience to share to make the whole experience less daunting.

Top Tips for Dealing with Difficult Colleagues

11th Jan 2017

Unfortunately, examples of conflict, difficult situations and difficult colleagues all have an air of inevitability about them in education. The pressure of the job, the incessant scrutiny on the profession and the culture of fear that, sadly, exists in many schools means that they can be a breeding ground for conflict. Therefore – especially if you responsible for leading or managing others – it is really important that professionals know how to manage conflict and how to deal with difficult situations and colleagues. Read our top tips for doing just that.

Making Phonics Fun!

4th Jan 2017

Phonics specialist Jacqueline Harris gives her top tips on how you can spice up phonics lessons so they don’t become boring for everyone involved.

How to engage the disengaged secondary student

14th Dec 2016

Of all the challenges that a teacher has to face, there can be few as frustrating or as difficult to deal with as a disengaged, disaffected student.

Climbing the ladder: Steps needed to aid promotion

6th Dec 2016

See our top tips on how to climb the career ladder and secure your well earned promotion.

Falling in Love with Teaching Again

29th Nov 2016

Inspiring disaffected teachers to fall in love with the profession again. The world of tomorrow is in the hands of the teachers of today.

Building active and creative learning into every lesson

16th Nov 2016

Practical examples of how we can ensure ALL learners engage with active and creative learning in every lesson and in every subject.

NQTs: Your investment in the future

1st Nov 2016

Is it time to take another look at induction and mentoring?   We are now well into the autumn term – how are your NQTs doing? Meeting targets? Attending meetings? Following school procedures? Not to mention teaching!   Great! – But how are they really doing?     After a recent question was raised in Parliament, […]

Marking tips for the NQT

24th Oct 2016

You’ve just started your first teaching job. You want to make a great first impression. The thing is, just who do you want to make a great first impression on?   Those that pay your wages, those that line manage you, or those you want to progress? Surely it’s the latter? But then again, there is […]

Transforming teaching, learning and assessment: South West

17th Oct 2016

Funding that will enable you to explore innovative approaches to transform teaching, learning and assessment across partnerships of providers in the FE sector. The Education & Training Foundation is providing funding of £10,000 for 18 partnerships of providers to set up projects that use innovative new approaches to transform teaching, learning and assessment. Available to […]

Partnership with recruitment specialists Engage Education

14th Oct 2016

We are pleased to announce that Creative Education is now working in partnership with Engage Education to expand and develop both our offerings to schools in the UK. Engage Education and Creative Education, today, announced their formal partnership agreement, bringing together two national specialists in their respective fields of teacher recruitment and continuous professional development […]

What to do when a lesson goes wrong – A Survival Guide for NQTs

10th Oct 2016

The first thing we need to get clear is that lessons will go wrong from time to time.   Lessons will go wrong for teachers with 20 years, 2 years or 2 months experience in the classroom. Even the very best practitioners have lessons that go wrong. Even the most meticulously planned lessons can go wrong. And, […]

When the Going Gets Tough…!

3rd Oct 2016

Top tips for maintaining a positive attitude under the stresses of being an NQT   In your first year of teaching many experiences will be exciting, challenging and incredibly rewarding. But let’s be realistic. You will also suffer a few setbacks, make some embarrassing mistakes and possibly be under quite a lot of stress. Sometimes […]

Improving critical writing and visual analysis in art and design

29th Sep 2016

We are all aware of the problem – “art students enjoy making art, not writing about it”. So the main question is how can we make our students engage with visual analysis, and enable them to write with clarity and depth?   Many GCSE and A level students don’t achieve the grade they are more […]

Letter from a difficult parent. #1: I’m a teacher too

28th Sep 2016

At some point it’s likely that you will encounter a parent or guardian who has specific concerns about your ability to cater for their child’s needs. Whilst they may come across as difficult or even uncooperative, keep in mind that they just want what’s best for their child’s education.   More posts in this series on how […]

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