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Jane Wake

Creative Education

Skills for School and College Frontline Office and Reception Staff

Skills for School and College Frontline Office and Reception Staff

Developing communication and management skills to convey a professional image for your school or college

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Apprenticeships: are you aware of the opportunities?

Ofsted’s report in 2015 highlighted the need for more 16-18 year olds to go into apprenticeships and for schools and colleges to do more to promote this as an alternative to university and further education.

But with an increasingly complex labour market, various mixed messages about the new policies and legislation around apprenticeships, and constraints on schools budgets – what is it all really about and how can schools easily access support and ensure students have a balanced view?

Join Katy Langham, speaking on behalf of Education and Employers Taskforce (see below) on 30th June at Creative Education’s conference on New Routes, Opportunities and Challenges Post 16 and Post 18 where she’ll draw on the latest government information; results from their pioneering research team and their work with employers to explore apprenticeships as a career route; the latest information for schools and how you can access support.


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To find out more about what Katy will be covering in Education and Employers’ session, keep reading!


One day conference: New routes, opportunities and challenges post 16 & 18


With the growth in technology, Brexit and shifts in recruitment, it’s never been more important for schools and colleges to understand and help young people to navigate around the rapidly changing range of career opportunities. As new routes emerge, the responsibility to provide accurate and impartial guidance to support students through the transition into post 16 and post 18 education, training and employment become an even greater challenge.

Whilst schools and colleges have a long experience of routes into higher education, the same cannot always be said of routes into apprenticeships. Many are far less conversant with this evolving environment and have found it difficult to find out more. Amidst such uncertainty there have been misconceptions and myths about salary levels, qualifications awarded and the suitability of these programmes for successful post A Level students. Yet there are vast and exciting opportunities at all levels, which are for many a genuine alternative with many benefits, to those routes that students have traditionally followed.

Thankfully support is available in the form of the ‘Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge for Schools’ project, which has been commissioned by the National Apprenticeship Service, part of the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

Available at no cost to schools and colleges throughout England, regional providers can offer a range of inspirational and engaging support at no cost. These services can include:

  • Group assemblies/information sessions
  • Sessions to sign students up to ‘Find an Apprenticeship’
  • Apprenticeship application workshops for smaller groups of students
  • Apprenticeship events
  • Guest speakers – apprentice and employer ambassadors
  • External visits
  • CPD for staff and governors
  • Events for parents

There is also a useful website where schools can access resources, sign up to be ‘Apprenticeship Champions’ and request support.

There are three local providers for this project:

London and South North Midlands
Education and Employers Taskforce BL Training Workpays
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
020 7566 4884 01912 69636 07772 357890


At Creative Education’s conference New Routes, Opportunities and Challenges Post 16 and Post 18 you will be able to hear directly from Education and Employers Taskforce who will be speaking about the latest information and updates around apprenticeships and the free support available through the Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge for Schools project.


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Katy Langham, Director at Education and Employers Taskforce

Katy is a Director of Education and Employers, a charity that pioneers research into employer engagement in education, including the variety of pathways into careers, such as apprenticeships.

Education and Employers is currently engaged by the Skills Funding Agency and National Apprenticeship Service to deliver expert advice and guidance to schools on apprenticeships, including CPD sessions and employer events that increase student awareness.

To find out more about Katy, visit the conference page here.

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