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Guest Post

Guest Post: Autism in School – 5 of the Most Common Misunderstandings Explained

22nd Oct 2012

Autism has garnered much attention recently, however, despite advances in science, treatments and educational techniques, there are several common misconceptions about autistic children. We’ve looked at 5 common myths about autism and dug deep into their roots to try to reveal the truth behind these myths. Our hope is that with a greater understanding of autism, society’s perception and treatment of autistic individuals will move in a positive direction.

Guest Post: Back to School – How to Motivate Your Class After the Summer Break

11th Oct 2012

After a summer full of free time – most of which kids will have spent sleeping, lazing around and playing – it’s no wonder that many pupils find the return to school a difficult adjustment. The school routine of the previous year is a distant memory, and this can make coming back into a learning […]

Guest Post: Slide or Swing – Which is Better in a School Playground?

13th Dec 2011

Both are playground classics and should provide the same play value, shouldn’t they? In reality, they don’t.

Guest Post: Using Minecraft to Create Engaging Learning Experiences

24th Nov 2011

The debate on the relevance of games in education has raged for nearly thirty years now, but has a game finally appeared that can unite teachers and students through exploration and creativity? It’s possible, and the game is Minecraft.   What is Minecraft? Minecraft is a difficult game to describe in a few sentences. Some […]

Guest Post: Making Sense of Predictions and Targets

15th Nov 2011

This post is written by David Weston, Managing Director of Informed Education and first appeared on his blog here. These days, schools are awash with targets, estimates, and predicted grades. Used well, they are a way to embed a common ambitious vision for each child. Used badly, they are a demotivating, self-fulfilling prophecy of underperformance. […]

Guest Post: When Will Electronic Textbooks Make it to the Big Time?

7th Oct 2011

“This post was written by David Black, CEO of Autology who make it possible for every pupil to access a wealth of high quality electronic learning resources to support their study. You read your books on a Kindle, read your magazines on an iPad and listen to music on your smartphone – so why are […]

When Online Activities Flop

23rd Sep 2011

This post looks at common reasons why online activities aren’t as successful as they could be, and how these barriers can be overcome.

Student Leadership Teams: is this the real student voice?

19th Sep 2011

This post takes a look at the pros and cons of student leadership teams and how we can go about really giving ALL of our students a voice.

Raising the school leaving age will raise expectations and aspirations

15th Sep 2011

This post, extolling the virtues of compulsory post 16 education is in response to a recent Guardian Article titled ‘Raising the school-leaving age will make teachers ill’

New term- New Start – New Rules

9th Sep 2011

In this guest post, Sophie Robinson discusses the Nurtured Heart approach to behaviour management and how it can be implemented in the classroom

What’s the point of lesson observations?

5th Sep 2011

Head of English, David Didau, takes a look at why lesson observations are important and how we might be able to get more out of them.

Ideas for getting to know your new class

2nd Sep 2011

A wide range of ideas to help you get to know your new class whether you’re an NQT or an old hand.

How to make friends and influence people in a new school

29th Aug 2011

This post aims to suggest 10 straightforward ways to settle in to your new role whether you’re an NQT or an old lag in a new school, a fast track careerist or frantically treading water.

How to write an outstanding job application

26th Aug 2011

Guest blogger David talks us through the process of writing outstanding job applications, based on his personal experiences of getting it both very right, and very wrong!

10 reasons schools should teach text speak

22nd Aug 2011

Do you teach your pupils text speak? If not, here are ten reasons why you might want to consider building it into your lesson planning

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