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I often get requests for links to my various posts aimed at helping teachers to get more out of Twitter – so I’ve put them all in one handy pdf guide.  We’ll keep adding to it and put a fresh version on the blog when new ones do come out. So if you want to keep up to date with it please do tick the box below asking to be kept up to date with the blog.

Anything missing? Do let me know as we love writing posts on Twitter and are happy to help!

VERSION 2: UPDATED – 13/02/2012
New sections on Science tweeters, Geography tweeters and #edchats!

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Is your school taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technologies? See how we can help with training, consultancy and support.

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Apprenticeships: are you aware of the opportunities? 06 Jun 2017

Ofsted’s report in 2015 highlighted the need for more 16-18 year olds to go into apprenticeships and for schools and colleges to do more to promote this as an alternative to university and further education. But with an increasingly complex labour market, various mixed messages about the new policies and legislation around apprenticeships, and constraints on schools budgets – what is it all really about and how can schools easily access support and ensure students have a balanced view?

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Date, Title, Hypothesis, Apparatus, Diagram, Method, Results and Conclusion… 24 May 2017

Date, Title, Hypothesis, Apparatus, Diagram, Method, Results and Conclusion… Was this how you experienced science at school? Is there another way?

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