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Deputy Head

As a deputy head, you’re expected to draw on a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience. A fact that is recognised by our experienced course leaders who will endeavour to support you with the ideas, information and practical strategies you need to become ever more effective in your role.

If you’re aspiring or new to deputy headship then you’ll find our preparing for deputy headship course a great time investment which will quickly get you up to speed and give you a chance to get expert answers to all those niggling questions you have. As you settle into your role, you can help to secure success with our course which aims to help you overcome the challenges of leadership.

Depending on the exact nature of your role and your school’s specific needs, we have a wide range of further courses you may find useful, including boosting attendance, making effective use of RAISEonline and working with parents to tackle problem behaviour.

Deputy Head Courses Download all as PDF

Self-Harm and Eating Disorders – Providing Positive Support

How to identify and support students before it's too late
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Outstanding Marking and Feedback

Using the most recent research and proven strategies of effective marking and feedback to maximise pupil progress and achievement
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Preparing for Deputy Headship

How to develop practical strategies and techniques to successfully prepare for an advanced leadership role
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Boosting Attendance in your School

Practical interventions to raise standards through increased attendance
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Primary Lesson Observations Using the Ofsted Inspection Framework

Achieving school improvement with support and successful performance management
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Securing Success in Your First Senior Leadership Role

Develop the skills to overcome the challenges of leadership
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Safeguarding: Online and Mobile Technologies

Ensure that all your children are risk aware and safe in the ever-changing online environment
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Sex and Relationship Education for Students with SEN

How to provide high quality support for SEN students in this challenging area
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Leading Literacy to Outstanding in the Ofsted Framework

Purposeful strategies for leading and inspiring outstanding literacy learning
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Positive Well-being: Building Your Resilience

How to unwind from the stresses of the day and build the resilience to keep moving forward
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house
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