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As a librarian or learning resource centre manager, you may find it difficult to access training courses that are relevant to your role. In developing our courses we consulted with staff such as yourself about what would be most helpful which has led to courses with a focus on promoting boys’ reading and developing research skills.

You may also be interested in our popular course ‘The effective school librarian’ which is an excellent introduction for newer staff and a great opportunity for ideas sharing and a skills and knowledge refresher for those with more experience.

Librarian Courses Download all as PDF

Personal Skills-Building Course for School Support Staff

Develop the Skills to Succeed in Every Aspect of Your School Career
Delivery Method: In-house

Promoting Reading and the School Library

Practical strategies for encouraging enjoyment and excellence in reading and literacy
Delivery Method: In-house

The Effective School Librarian

Practical strategies for successfully running the school library and meeting the needs of its many users
Delivery Method: In-house

Developing Research and Study Skills in the School Library

An essential guide to improving information skills and developing the library as a hub of learning
Delivery Method: In-house

Getting Boys into Reading

Practical ideas for promoting literacy and the enjoyment of reading
Delivery Method: In-house
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