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We recognise that art teachers face unique challenges both in inspiring those students who don’t consider themselves born artists and in enabling some of our best artists to maximise their achievement at GCSE and A Level by performing well in research and written work as well as the practical aspects they may feel more comfortable with. Added to that managing behaviour in art lessons can prove a challenge at times!

As experienced art teachers themselves, our course leaders fully understand the challenges you face and are keen to help you find solutions tailored to your students and your school.

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Outstanding Learning in the Primary Art Curriculum

How to achieve outstanding in the context of the biggest changes to the National Curriculum in 25 years
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Outstanding Learning and Progress in Art

Going one step further to deliver lessons that your students and Ofsted will love in art
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Raising the Grade in the Art GCSE

Practical strategies to raise achievement and boost motivation
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Stretching More Able Students in Art

Implement strategies to improve the progress and achievement of more able Art students, in high ability and mixed ability groups
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Photography in A Level Art and Design

Developing your skills in Photography and how it fits in to A Level Art and Design
Delivery Method: In-house

A Level Art Teachers' Course

Helping students to succeed and achieve at A Level art
Delivery Method: In-house

Enhancing Grade Performance in GCSE Art and Design

Squeeze the Best Performance Possible Out of Your Students
Delivery Method: In-house

Management Skills for Arts Technicians

Develop the skills you need to succeed and support learning
Delivery Method: In-house

Creating Schemes of Work for GCSE Art and Design

Delivery Method: In-house

Graphic Design: Advertising and Packaging

How to use advertising and packaging as a creative starting point for successful AS/A2 Design Coursework
Delivery Method: In-house
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