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How can you ensure that your students really buy into the computing curriculum; that girls, as well as boys, understand that it’s a subject which promotes a wide range of transferable and highly usable skills, and that all students realise that computing is not a subject that’s reserved only for geeks? Our computing courses tackle these common issues and far more.

We will help you ensure that pupils become digitally literate and are equipped to use information technology to create programs, systems and a range of content.

Depending on your current role and challenges, our courses can help you develop your skills to become a fantastic leader of the computing department, or get to grips with the new primary or secondary computing curriculums or understand how to help every student learn to the best of their ability in your lessons, including the most able.

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Developing the Role of the Primary ICT Co-ordinator

Proven skills and strategies to maximise your potential as ICT co-ordinator
Delivery Method: In-house

Embedding ICT into your Whole School Curriculum

Skills and strategies for maximising ICT opportunities throughout your curriculum
Delivery Method: In-house

Innovative ICT Practice in the Primary School

Proven strategies for encouraging innovative ICT in your school
Delivery Method: In-house

Teaching the Secondary Curriculum in Computing with Confidence and Creativity

Computing teaching and assessment under the current curriculum
Delivery Method: In-house

Outstanding Learning in the Primary Computing Curriculum

How to achieve outstanding in the context of the biggest changes to the National Curriculum in 25 years
Delivery Method: In-house

Using Bring Your Own Device to Revolutionise Learning

Save money by managing a school where students provide their own internet enabled devices
Delivery Method: In-house

Using Scratch to Teach Programming at KS2 and KS3

A beginner’s guide to creating computer games to engage students and give them a basic understanding of programming concepts for computer science
Delivery Method: In-house

Outstanding Learning and Progress in Computing

Going one step further to deliver lessons that your students and Ofsted will love in computing
Delivery Method: In-house

Stretching More Able Students in Computing

Perfect strategies to plan Computing lessons that are effective and differentiated, enabling more able students to achieve and progress
Delivery Method: In-house

Leading a Successful Computing Department

Cultivate skills and essential techniques for leading an outstanding Computing Department
Delivery Method: In-house
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