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Physical Education and sport are taught by a wide range of different staff in most schools. From those staff with highly specialised experience, through to teachers who have no prior experience teaching the subject or professional athletes who bring a great deal of skill and knowledge but may require more support with how to ensure effective teaching and learning.

All of our courses are taught in small groups and are led by experienced practitioners to ensure that despite the wide range of experience and talent of colleagues, we are able to tailor each course to meet your specific needs. As well as courses which enable you to maximise the enjoyment and potential of every student, including those with special needs, we have courses which help you to stretch your most able learners and help students make the grade at GCSE, A Level and BTEC. We can also support you to make the transition to second in department or department lead – or ensure that your leadership is as effective as it could be once you’ve been doing the job a while.

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Outstanding Achievement in GCSE PE

Practical advice and ideas to effectively deliver the revised specification
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Leadership Skills for New and Aspiring Heads of Physical Education

How to achieve your ambition and create a thriving PE Department
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

PE Teaching for the Non-Specialist Teacher

A classroom based course to enable anyone to deliver effective PE lessons
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Outstanding Learning and Progress in PE

Make a real difference to learners’ achievement in PE
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Special Needs and PE: Practical Inclusion Strategies

Removing barriers to the Physical Education curriculum
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Outstanding Teaching for the BTEC First in Sport

How to effectively deliver the NQF accredited BTEC sport qualifications
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Health and Safety in Sport

Delivery Method: In-house

Outdoor and Adventurous Activity in Physical Education

Delivery Method: In-house

Maximising Progress in PE Through Assessment for Learning

Practical formative assessment tools that can have a dramatic impact in the PE classroom
Delivery Method: In-house

Stretching More Able Students in PE

Enrich the learning of more able PE students by gaining knowledge and confidence to recognise talented learners
Delivery Method: In-house
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