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Personal, social health and economic education is a subject that has the capacity to help our students develop vital skills for life and work, which tackles many difficult and sensitive issues, and which none of us have trained specifically to teach.

We help you bridge the gap by drawing on the experience of our expert practitioners to help you confidently and sensitively teach topics like sex and relationships – including when working with students with special needs.

We also consider the role of assessment in PSHE – a vital tool to ensure that your lessons are relevant and stage appropriate to your students, and to check that progress is being made which requires some out of the box thinking when it’s PSHE we’re assessing. Our expert practitioners will help you to lead your department effectively and boost your knowledge of high quality PSHE planning and delivery so you can teach lessons that Ofsted would consider outstanding.

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Self-Harm and Eating Disorders – Providing Positive Support

How to identify and support students before it's too late
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Developing the Role of the PSHE Co-ordinator

Understanding your responsibilities and how you can benefit the entire school
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Sex and Relationship Education for Students with SEN

How to provide high quality support for SEN students in this challenging area
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

PSHE and Citizenship in Special Schools

Giving you the advice, guidance and confidence to tackle this challenging topic
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Anxiety, Depression and Obsessions – Supporting Students With Mental Health Disorders

Support students with anxiety, depression and obsessions to improve their well-being, attendance and attainment
Delivery Method: Open Course In-house

Managing Bereavement in School

Support your students as they struggle with the loss of a loved one
Delivery Method: In-house

Dealing Confidently with Sex and Relationships in PSHE

How to tackle the challenging issues sensitively and confidently
Delivery Method: In-house

Outstanding Lessons in PSHE

Discover the implications for PSHE related to the latest inspection frameworks and best practice
Delivery Method: In-house

Money Matters: Enabling Students to Achieve Economic Well-being

Delivery Method: In-house

Successful Delivery of the Two Programmes of Study for PSHE

Everything You Need to Know to Embed PSHE and Citizenship in Your Curriculum
Delivery Method: In-house
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