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Pastoral Training Courses from Creative Education

We provide CPD courses for school and college staff in a variety of subjects and focus areas, including pastoral. Our courses are held only in high quality venues in a choice of accessible locations across the country. Rated good or outstanding by 97% of our delegates and over 20 years experience we’re confident we can meet your training needs. Find out more about training courses here.

If you’re looking to train several staff we can adapt any of our courses to be held at your school or college. Find out more about our Inschool training.

Below you’ll find just a few of our most popular pastoral courses. You can find a course suitable for you by searching through all of our courses here.
Our Top Pastoral Courses
New Roles and Responsibilities for Year Leaders and Tutors
This course has been designed for aspiring and existing heads of year wishing to fully embrace the academic and pastoral issues involved. The course will address the skills essential to support and manage change and bring coherence to the ever developing roles. The key focus is on the issues of quality assurance, leadership styles, managing colleagues, data analysis, monitoring student progress, guidance systems and formative assessment.
Self-Harm and Eating Disorders – Providing Positive Support
Students who have recovered from self-harm and eating disorders often cite the pivotal role that a supportive school can play. This course draws on the experiences and best practice outlined by over 1000 school staff and hundreds of students who have overcome self-harm or eating disorders. We aim to provide you with a wide range of ideas and strategies, and renewed confidence in your ability to support students causing concern.
Raising Standards through the Mentoring of Young People
Young people growing up in western societies have to deal with a rapidly-changing social world. These changes have their greatest effect on the young people who are most poorly equipped to deal with them. Trained mentors can play an important role in helping young people to raise standards, tackle and learn from failure and create a new culture of opportunity and success.
Developing the Role of Non-teaching Pastoral Staff
There is an ever-increasing number of non-teachers in pastoral roles and their remit is constantly growing. This course will develop skills in building rapport and relationships with students, effective working with outside agencies and creating a whole-school approach to pastoral care.
Being an Effective Mentor, Getting the Best out of Your Students
This course explores the benefits of different styles of mentoring and their application, and will provide delegates with the skills, knowledge and resources needed to implement effective mentoring as soon as they return to school / college.
Child Protection Refresher Course for Experienced Staff
This refresher course is ideal for Designated Safeguarding Leads in UK schools who have been trained in the past and want to either refresh or extend their skills and knowledge. It offers a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in child protection and the significant and latest changes in statutory guidelines.
Boosting Attendance in your School
Boosting attendance can be a key factor in whole-school improvement, with clear links to raising standards. This course will give you the information to establish a thorough system for managing and improving attendance, with lots of ideas on practical interventions that have worked successfully in other schools. This course is suitable for senior leaders and those involved in managing attendance.
Raising Achievement for Year 8 Students
The achievement of Year 8 students can often plateau as their motivation dwindles and life becomes more driven by hormones and peer pressure than a desire to thrive and achieve in school. This course looks at strategies that can be adopted by the head of Year 8 and form tutors in order to maintain motivation and raise the achievement of students during this difficult year.
Sex and Relationship Education for Students with SEN
Students with special educational needs or learning difficulties are less likely than their peers to receive effective sex education at home and face a higher than average likelihood of experiencing sexual abuse. It is vital that an effective sex and relationship curriculum is delivered which caters to the individual needs of each student. The course is primarily aimed at special school staff but other colleagues should also find it of use.
Enabling Year 11 Students to Achieve Their Potential
Year 11 students are under huge pressures to achieve academically and make important life decisions. This course offers strategies and advice for staff with a responsibility for Year 11 to ensure students are offered the support and guidance they need to achieve their academic and personal potential as they prepare for the future.
Managing Bereavement in School
Loss and bereavement of some degree is unavoidable, and it is with young people that its impact is most felt. This course will cover a wide range of loss experiences, including developmental and traumatic loss, and normal and unexpected loss - ranging from the death of a child's family member to the trauma of death by accident or misadventure. It is suitable for those staff from primary, secondary and special schools, as well as FE colleges.
Supporting Students with Mental Health Disorders
Mental health disorders are surprisingly common, affecting a considerable number of children and young people. A significant percentage of 5-16 year-olds have a diagnosed mental health disorder and others have problems that have not yet been formally diagnosed. Poor mental health can have a major impact on a child’s education, with poor attendance and lower attainment common among students with mental health disorders. Schools have a key role to play in supporting these young people to achieve their potential and improve their emotional wellbeing.
Outstanding lessons in PSHE
Teachers and PSHE co-ordinators will have the opportunity to explore guidance and inspection requirements around PSHE, consider what effective PSHE provision looks like and gain practical strategies in reviewing learning. This course is ideal for those staff from primary and secondary schools, as well as FE colleges.
Dealing Confidently with Sex and Relationships in PSHE
Many teachers struggle with the delivery of sex and relationship education. This course will offer clear guidance on delivery, improve teacher confidence, offer help in selecting materials and provide clarity around national guidelines. This course is suitable for PSHE co-ordinators, teachers, support staff and school nurses delivering sex and relationship education.
Trauma-free Transition from Primary to Secondary Education
This course offers practical solutions to enable children, parents, primary and secondary schools to engage in the transition process and turn it into a positive and rewarding experience for all stakeholders. By the end of the course, participants will have a broader understanding of how to utilise effective transition and they will have formed the beginnings of a cross school transition policy.
Preventing and Managing Substance and Alcohol Abuse
Whether you have existing issues surrounding drug and alcohol abuse in your school or you are keen to put strategies in place to prevent such situations arising, you will find this course invaluable. You will gain a thorough understanding of different forms of substance and alcohol misuse and explore prevention strategies that you could implement in your school. You’ll also explore ideas for managing specific incidents at school as well as learning how you can best support young people struggling with either their own or their family’s dependence on drugs or alcohol.
Dealing with the Effects of Abuse and Neglect on Children and Young People
Child abuse is headline news and it is critical that schools understand how they can help to protect and support pupils involved. This course looks at the nature of abuse and addresses a wide range of issues, referencing the latest national advice and guidance. It uses the findings of current research and reports, including case reviews, to suggest approaches schools can use to provide effective support, including the importance of establishing partnerships with external agencies.
Positive Wellbeing: Building Resilience
Anyone who works in an educational setting knows that some days can be much more demanding than others! Using proven techniques from physical and emotional health experts, this course will equip you with the powerful strategies to help you unwind and be better prepared to face the challenges ahead.
Promoting Positive Body Image in the Secondary School
Promoting positive body image as part of the curriculum can help us address the negative body image that is a common affliction amongst our students, often resulting in low self-esteem or even mental health issues. This course will both give you a thorough understanding of the importance of body image and also provide you with the resources you need to teach up to 4 body image lessons to your tutor group or PSHE class. You’ll become familiar with the materials and gain an in-depth understanding of the issues that are likely to arise as a result of the lessons – and how to address these.

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