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Investigating Materials

A teacher encourages her pupils to investigate materials

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This programme covers the areas of planning, finding resources and generating an appropriate vocabulary with pupils when delivering the 'Investigating Materials' section of the KS1 art curriculum. The case-study covered is from Raynsford Lower School, Bedfordshire. Year 1 pupils are investigating the qualities of a variety of natural and man-made materials. They are also learning the language and skills for a weaving project and are encouraged to create their own designs. Debbie Shelvey, a classroom teacher, encourages her pupils to develop their art vocabulary and illustrates how this project links with science through a shared vocabulary list. The pupils explore ideas and use worksheets to comment on similarities and differences between their own and others' work, as well as reflecting on how they could adapt and improve their own work. Art co-ordinator, Gilly Chegwyn, offers Debbie support and advice with planning the project.
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