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Art training course that focuses on Special Educational Needs in the Art & Design classroom. Useful for Art teachers, TAs and heads of department, this course pitches teachings techniques and monitoring/assessment techniques that are useful in a SEN environment.
Providers of a huge range of CPD courses for drama teachers in 12 easily accessible locations across the UK.
Art leadership training for secondary schools. Art management courses can be browsed through our website. Art diploma introduction courses and Art diploma introductory training sessions for teachers. CPD art training for aspiring HoDs. Art department promotion courses are running near you. Art ment
A course for teachers of GCSE level Art, designed to help develop a GCSE Art programme. This course will give tips on planning the course and organising the GCSE Art examinations, while also putting forward advice on GCSE Art coursework projects.
This teacher training course is aimed at making Good art and design lessons and making them outstanding in the eyes of Ofsted. Using ECM and Ofsted criteria, this wide-ranging course is suitable for both art teachers and heads of the art department.
Teacher training course for Art teachers or heads of the Art Department that focuses managing the Art Department at KS3. Concentrates on Formative Assessment, Assessment for Learning at KS3 level.
Training course that focuses on Gifted and Talented students in Art and Design. Course covers methods and ideas to challenge the G & T, through the involvement of art teachers and heads of the art department.
A course for teachers of AS/A2 level Art, designed to give teaching ideas, lesson plans and methods to raise achievement. The course also gives advice on developing the Art and Design programme in your school, as well as organising and designing A level Art coursework projects.
Training course aimed at Art and Design teachers who wish to incorperate photography more thoroughly into their AS/A2 level Art and Design courses. The course includes detailed lesson plans and schemes of work focusing on photography in Art, as well as advice on examiners and coursework requirement
Teacher training course concentrating on Maths and Special Educational Needs. Useful for SENCos, those interesting in teaching Maths or SEN it covers differentiation, assessment and monitoring.
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