Bespoke Training to Drive Improvement

No two organisations are the same – so why should your training be? Our bespoke inhouse training will help you drive improvement with the support your staff need most.

Whatever Topic You Need

With a huge range of experienced, high quality trainers we can provide training on whatever topic you need to move your school or college forward

Face-to-face or Online

If your school or college is accepting external visitors we can come to you with our strict safety protocols in place. Or we're equally as comfortable delivering custom sessions online for you.

Expert Support

For each training session we'll support you to get the focus exactly right to make the biggest difference, then support your staff after the course with free access to our on-demand library of courses.

Explore Our Approach

Training is most effective when delivered to a whole team as ideas can be tailored to the specific context and team members can work together to ensure the training has rapid and lasting impact. We love to train teams big and small and work hard to ensure that every session we deliver informs, inspires and has a tangible impact.


We’ll support your team to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to support them in their role. 

We’ll have done our research and will share with your team what we think really matters. 

We’ll enrich the learning by working with the expertise in the room providing a platform for those with relevant ideas and experience to share.


We believe in not just telling you what to do, but why… and what difference you can expect to see.  We want everyone to walk away from our training sessions inspired to put their ideas into practice right away. 

We’ll help to boost the confidence of every member of the team by building on their existing skills and providing practical ideas for what the training means for their practice right now, next week and next term. 


The training is just the starting point, it’s what your team does with it that really matters. 

With this in mind, we work hard to ensure that whenever we share theory, we explore how this can be easily embedded in practice; that we don’t consider problems without considering solutions too and that every member of the team goes away with a clear plan of action.

Discover Our Experienced Associates

Dr Pooky Knightsmith

An internationally respected face of child and adolescent mental health, Pooky works tirelessly to ‘be the change she wants to see’. A prolific keynote speaker,

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Jessica Parker

Jessica is an experienced Co-Founder of multiple Education Services, including an international private tuition company specialising in the British Curriculum whereby she is Director of

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Matt Bromley

Matt Bromley is an education writer and consultant with over twenty years’ experience in teaching and leadership including as a secondary school principal, FE college

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Sarah Pavey

Sarah Pavey has over 20 years of experience in schools both in the independent and maintained sectors. She holds a BSc in Biochemistry and a

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Chris Browne

Chris was a successful RE teacher in four schools along with being a Head of Year and successfully occupying all secondary senior leadership roles in

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Tim Guilford

Tim’s areas of expertise are diverse – modern language teaching, school governance, assessment, management, and school leadership. As a trainer and consultant, Tim brings a

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Debra Manning

Over the past 30 years, Debra has had extensive experience in schools and communities in North West England. Debra’s passion is improving opportunities for vulnerable

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Sara Dudman

Sara enjoyed a fulfilling career in art education, including Head of Art at schools in Leicestershire, Somerset and the highly ranked Colyton Grammar School in

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Looking For Inspiration?

We’ve done so many bespoke training days for schools and colleges across the country (and the world!) that it’s impossible to list them all. But, if you’re looking for a little inspiration, here are some programmes from our archive that will show you the breadth of topics we can offer.