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10 Ideas for Class Blog Posts

10 Ideas for Class Blog PostsClass blogging is becoming ever more popular as a fantastic way of encouraging young people to write with a purpose, for a real audience and receive genuine feedback.  At its best it’s assessment for learning in action.  So what’s not to love?


Well, although it’s really simple to set up your class blog, sometimes it can be a bit hard to think what to get your class to blog about.  Well look no further.  Here are a few ideas to get you going and I hope you’ll contribute some of your own too:


Diary Style Blogging

Asking students to write about what they did at the weekend or a favourite memory from the last school holidays can be a great stimulus for individual writing.


Fictional Diary Style Blogging

Once pupils are comfortable with writing diary entries about their own experiences, why not mix things up a little bit by asking them to write a diary entry from the point of view of e.g. a famous historical character you’ve been learning about, or a character from a book?


Collaborative Story Telling

Have children take it in turns to develop a story – each must follow on from the last blog post which can be discussed as a class with ideas thrown around about what might happen next – but the final decision lies with today’s blogger / bloggers.  Encourage the rest of the class to comment on each chapter – again this could include ideas about what might happen next.


Work Showcase

Take pictures of pupils’ best pieces of work – work with the pupils to determine these to ensure that you’re picking out pieces that the pupils are particularly proud of.  Encourage pupils to think about why they’re proud of that piece of work and what they learnt, and perhaps what inspired them if it is a piece of art or creative writing.  The pupils can then either write about this or you might even chose to make a video or audio recording.  This is a great type of post to share with other classes and parents.



Ask pupils to draw a picture of their hero and write a blog post to explain why that person is their hero.


Something Kind

Discuss acts of kindness and ask each child to write about the last time someone did something kind for them – they can use the blog as a very public way to say thank you.  If you promote it appropriately this should be an excellent way to encourage commenting from e.g. parents.


Dream Journal

We all have very funny dreams from time to time and it can be really funny to write them down.  Why not encourage your class to blog about any strange or funny dreams that they have – and award a prize for the strangest.  It’s possible that the children might just make them up, but if it gets their imaginations going, there’s no harm in that!


What I want to be when I grow up

Talk about the future and what types of jobs your pupils might grow up to do.   Think about different jobs that are as diverse as possible and have your pupils’ blog about what they’d like to do when they grow up and why.  You could try and encourage people who actually do the job specified to comment on the posts to provide your pupils with a real audience.



Encourage your pupils to think critically by writing a review of the book they are reading or a television programme they have watched.  What would have made it better?  What did they like or dislike?


Favourite / Least favourite foods

Food is always quite an emotive topic with children.  They could work in groups to design their perfect menu for a restaurant then add this to the class blog.  Encourage them to be as imaginative as possible in naming their dishes and thinking up the ingredients.  They could draw / design pictures to accompany.  The weird and wonderful suggestions the children come up with are likely to encourage some commenting!



These are just a few simple suggestions to set you on your way.  Please comment with further suggestions or links to your class blog that you think might inspire other class bloggers.





7 responses to “10 Ideas for Class Blog Posts”

  1. Good list! Ideas for subjects to blog about is a problem for all bloggers – big ones & little ones!

  2. […] penetrated mainstream consumer markets, what’s preventing them from widespread use in schools?10 Ideas for Class Blog Posts | The Creative Education Blog–Class blogging is becoming ever more popular as a fantastic way of encouraging young people […]

  3. […] 10 Ideas for Class Blog Posts | The Creative Education Blog–Class blogging is becoming ever more popular as a fantastic way of encouraging young people to write with a purpose, for a real audience and receive genuine … […]

  4. Avatar Kay Solomon says:

    I have four class blogs, one for each class I teach (but two courses). I just started the class blogs this semester, and I’m excited about it so far. I keep my blog assignments close to what we’re discussing in class (biblical studies). The first blog post assignment was “I used to think…now I think…” The second blog post assignment will be a “Connect/Extend/Challenge” assignment, where students will have to reflect on what they may already know and talk about how they’re thinking has been extended, and what challenges they still have. I’m using thinking routines (Making Thinking Visible) as the basis for some of the posts. Here are links to my class blogs:

  5. Avatar Nick says:

    Great share! Will share it with my friends! By the way, please check our blog ” 12 Tips For Reviewing Your ACT Test”.

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