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10 Reasons you should get your class blogging

10 Reasons you should get your class blogging

1. Kids Love it!

This has to be the number one reason.  I have spoken to dozens of teachers who have recently started blogging with their classes and the big take home message is that the kids love it.  So blogging seems to be an activity that when handled well is a great way of getting students motivated, engaged and on task.

2. It’s great for improving literacy skills

Once you get your class blog going you’ll find that your kids just can’t wait to get writing, and the more they write, the more their written skills will improve.  If they get really engaged with blogging they’ll also start reading other classes’ blogs which will provide them with a wide range of reading material that they can’t wait to read.

3. You can easily showcase pupils work

Your pupils will try extra hard on projects in class once they know that the best ones will be showcased on the blog for the whole world to see.  Showcasing pupils’ work online gives them real pride in their work and has the added benefit of sharing best practice with your colleagues whether they’re in the classroom next door or on the other side of the world.  You can showcase a wide range of work via video, audio files or digital picture uploads.

4. It can help you embrace the wider community

Blogging with your class is an easy and effective way of interacting with the wider community.  Starting with other pupils and teachers in your school, then maybe other schools in your local area and before you know it you’ll be interacting with schools on the other side of the world.  What better way to share ideas and learn about the world?

5. Parents can get involved with the class

It’s not always easy to help parents understand exactly what goes on in class – there’s certainly only a certain amount that you can get across during parents evenings and open days. But your class blog can offer a real opportunity to open a window into your pupils’ learning and to encourage parents to be a part of it.  Give parents some advice on constructive commenting and suddenly they’re more involved in their child’s learning and your pupils are keener than ever to get blogging.

6. It teaches independence

Once your pupils are up to speed with how the blog works, give them the independence to write and publish their own blog posts.  They’ll learn a huge amount by going through the process of deciding what to write about, putting the post together and seeing it published.  This can be a fantastic extension activity for groups of more able learners who may finish work ahead of the rest of the class.

7. Learning to comment is an exciting way to learn to form fill

Learning to fill out forms is a key skill – but it’s not exactly a thrilling topic and as a result, not one that pupils necessarily master right away.  But by commenting on their own and others’ blogs your pupils will get plenty of practice of form filling in an environment they find motivating and engaging.

8. It’s great for collaborative projects

You can promote teamwork within your classroom by getting pupils to work on projects for the blog together.  But that’s just the start.  Why not get them to collaborate with another class within the school by running shared lessons.  Or collaborate with a class on the other side of the world virtually.  Now that’s teamwork for the 21st century!

9. It’s accessible to kids of all abilities

Blogging can stretch your most able students and can also be used to engage and motivate the least able members of your class.  Because blogging is so flexible and blog posts can consist of text, videos, audio files or pictures you can differentiate any blogging project to meet the needs of all abilities so everyone feels included.

10. Everyone is learning and everyone is teaching

This is possibly my favourite benefit of class blogging.  Because of the commenting element, it has built in feedback and assessment.  It is a fantastic way of learning, almost without realising that you’re learning.  By teaching your pupils how to write effective comments which ask questions about a post and remark on what is good and what could be better, they take on the role of teacher and critical friend.  And by receiving such comments they will eagerly reflect on their own work and readily explore it further.

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So what are you waiting for?  Get your class blogging!

Does your class blog?  Please share a link below to your favourite blog post.

What other benefits are there to class blogging?

Are there any downsides to class blogging?

18 responses to “10 Reasons you should get your class blogging”

  1. Agreed! Class blogs are the best thing to happen in education since the pencil.

    Here’s my take, “3 Reasons I Love Class Blogs”:

    • thanks for dropping by. I am excited to see class blogs grow and develop. There are already some amazing examples but as they become more widespread I think they will become ever more exciting. I loved your blog post and how you were able to get such a unique insight into your students’ learning via their blog posts. So do they each have a personal blog that you read?

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  3. Paul Murphy says:

    Yes! I agree! Our school community is full of bloggers! Have a look at the blogs from our school website.

  4. John McLear says:

    Schools love blogging! We host 1000+ School blogs and we love each and every one of them :) You can sign up total (it’s totally free) at

    We also maintain the master feed of schools that blog which can be seen here:

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  8. Hi.

    Excellens blog post.

    In My Class we have 4 differentiering class blogs ( in Swedish): – we read litterature We are geocaching in our class A blog about math à class blog absolut Using iPads in the classroom

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