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20 Top Education Tweeters – Primary School Leaders

Top Twitter Hashtags for Teachers

This week’s 20 Top Tweeters are all primary (elementary) school leaders.  I’m really pleased with this list which has a really wide range of tweeters.  They have in common that they are all very active users of Twitter and if you follow them you can expect to see a wide range of great links shared, and have some great folk to bounce your ideas off.

  1. @Charlie1312 Deputy Head, Infant – Yr 12. Determined to educate 21st century kids! 876 followers
  2. @dawnhallybone eacher and mum – before the beginning of great brilliance there must be chaos! 1244 followers
  3. @DeputyHeadDunn Currently a Deputy Head Teacher in a Primary School. Author of: How to be an Outstanding Primary Teacher – Continuum Books. 222 Followers
  4. @DeputyMitchell Google Certified Teacher & Deputy Headteacher in Bolton! Can’t get enough of ICT and new technologies help pupils get engaged and immersed in their learning. 1670 followers
  5. @DianneSpencer Headteacher, B.Ed Hons, M.Sc., like to share innovative ideas, technology skills improving! Wife and Mum, 2 daughters. Love outdoors, walking, MTB, wildlife. 733 followers
  6. @gillpenny Head Teacher, wife, mother, Apple enthusiast, ADE. 546 followers
  7. @Glynnlee Husband, dad and deputy head. Interested in all things interesting. Love technology that ‘just works’, activities that excite and trying to make a difference. 97 followers
  8. @GrahamCullen Primary school headteacher in Nottingham; interested in engaging learners with new technologies. 324 followers
  9. @ianaddison Primary School Teacher and ICT Co-ordinator at a school in Hampshire. I’m also an ICT Mark Assessor and Google Certified Teacher. Ex-VLE consultant for Hants. 1495 followers
  10. @Ideas_Factory Primary School Deputy-Enjoys Edcreating, Edteching & Edcolaborating.Has loads and loads of ideas! 1246 followers
  11. @FionaHenryVital Teacher, educational developer and now Regional Manager for the Vital Programme in the South East. Passionate about the effective use of ICT in the classroom. 412 followers
  12. @frogphilp Educator and pub-theorist. 358 followers
  13. @Joga5 Primary Literacy Adviser.Interest in Boys’ and Literacy, Multimodality and e-learning. Avid collector of children’s books. 991 followers
  14. @Michelle_Hill Deputy Head Teacher  at Leamore Primary, with unhealthy interest in all things ICT related. 466 followers
  15. @TheHeadsOffice Retired head teacher interested in all aspects of education & leadership. Learning through networking!Here to help! 811 followers
  16. @TheNewHead Headteacher of a primary school in the UK. Views expressed here are mine and not my schools or employers.471 followers
  17. @Peter_O’Brien I’m a Y6 teacher + Assistant Head in inner city. Interested in using new + innovative ways of bringing technologies into the classroom. 344 followers
  18. @PhilAllman1 HT of Junior School. Was HT of Middle school for 4yrs. Sec trained but ended up in primary. Love my job but love wife, kids and walking in the Lakes a lot more! 203 followers
  19. @Smichael920 Primary Headteacher & Head of Primary Network for SSAT, blogger and father of 5. Interested in education, technology, music & art. 1037 followers
  20. @stevebunce VITAL ICT Leader for NE England. Digital Storytelling, Game-based learning, consoles in schools, tabletop whiteboards 2222 followers










I hope you find some interesting new tweeters to follow.  They are all in a Twitter List Here.  If you’re not doing so already, you may also like to follow me: @CreativeEdu for Education chat. Offers, News and Info about Creative Education’s training courses for school staff and a chance to have an input and shape our courses. And to keep up with the blog of course!

Who’s missing?  Please leave a comment with your top primary leaders– or tell readers why they should follow you.

9 responses to “20 Top Education Tweeters – Primary School Leaders”

  1. […] 20 top education tweeters – primary school leaders – all worth a follow […]

  2. Avatar Loic Menzies says:

    Am a big fan of @Mr_Thorne for his brilliant phonics video related tweets

  3. […] 20 top education tweeters – primary school leaders – all worth a follow […]

  4. Avatar Johnny says:

    I have an anti bully website for primary school teachers and pupils that you may find useful as a resource which has many free creative lesson plans and educational games.
    Kind regards.


  5. Avatar Judy Pennels says:

    i found this site really helpful for educational purposes –

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