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How to Set up a Class Blog in Five Minutes

30th Dec 2010

Make your new year’s resolution to start up a blog for your class Blogging is an exciting way to get your class working together and fully engaged.  I recently discussed 10 Reasons You Should Get Your Class Bloggingand the response has been great.  It seems that lots of teachers have decided that their new year’s […]

Does social networking result in poor grades?

22nd Dec 2010

Why one teachers doesn’t agree that social networking is a waste of time that results in poor grades

20 Top Educational Tweeters: Newbies

21st Dec 2010

A list of 20 up and coming educational tweeters for you to add to your PLN

Why Every Teacher Should Have Two Websites

20th Dec 2010

Every teacher should have at least two websites. One for the class, and one for the world.

10 Reasons you should get your class blogging

17th Dec 2010

Class blogging is the future – and here are ten reasons why!

“You’re Well Hot Miss!” Managing Sexual Comments in the Classroom

16th Dec 2010

How to handle sexual comments in the classroom before they escalate.

Books that Boys like to Read

15th Dec 2010

Getting boys into reading can sometimes be hard so I’ve assembled some great advice in this blog post

20 Top Education Tweeters – Primary School Leaders

13th Dec 2010

This list consists of primary school leaders I have found particularly interesting, helpful, or engaging or who share fab links

Twitter for Teachers: A Guide for Beginners

13th Dec 2010

Twitter is a fantastic place for teachers to network and share, this will help you get started.

5 Tips for Successful Pupil Lesson Observations

13th Dec 2010

Your pupils are likely to have more to tell you about how you can improve your lessons than Ofsted could ever hope to.

5 Reasons Kids Hate Your Lessons – and Some Simple Solutions

9th Dec 2010

Some of the common reasons for students being disengaged with lessons, and some easy ways around them

A Practical Exercise in Nurturing Positive Behaviour

9th Dec 2010

There are frequently people who immediately consider behaviour management from a sanctions viewpoint and if we are to work positively with students we need to adopt this approach ourselves. Here is a simple but effective exercise to change your negative thoughts about problem behaviour into positive targets.   List the Behaviours that Cause you Concern Make a list […]

What Makes an Effective Leader?

8th Dec 2010

An effective leader can motivate, communicate well and plan effectively.  The qualities that make a leader involve creating fresh possibilities and moving a team forward to develop what is needed in their role. The management of groups or teams within a school or college is very much dependent on the leader of the group.   […]

Top Twitter Hashtags for Teachers

7th Dec 2010

A list of twitter hashtags which I think will all be of interest to teachers

20 Top Education Tweeters – eLearning Enthusiasts

6th Dec 2010

This list consists of e-learning enthusiasts I have found particularly interesting, helpful, or engaging or who share fab links

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