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Good half term? Bad half term? A few questions for effective reflection

31st May 2011

Taking just a few minutes to ask yourself the following questions – and answer honestly – will help you to start the new half term focussed.

Using TwitterFall to get the most out of Twitter Chats

27th May 2011

Twitter is a fantastic resource for teachers and even just in its every day form can be a brilliant way to exchange ideas – but one time when it really comes into its own is during chat sessions such as #UKEdChat where hundreds of tweeters converge to share ideas on a common topic for an […]

Ten Tips for Using Group Work to Engage and Motivate Learners

26th May 2011

Encouraging your pupils to collaborate and work as a group can be an excellent way to enhance their learning, keep them motivated and develop skills which are applicable far beyond the context of school.  When well-prepared and effectively managed, group work can be very fulfilling for both teacher and learner.  I’ve put together a list […]

“Class It On” and Save the Children

25th May 2011

Save the Children is currently running a very ambitious campaign to raise awareness of the number of children dying each year from preventable diseases.  1 in 5 children miss out worldwide miss out on the vaccines that we take for granted here in the UK.   On June 13 the UK is hosting a half day […]

10 Ideas for Class Blog Posts

20th May 2011

Class blogging is becoming ever more popular as a fantastic way of encouraging young people to write with a purpose, for a real audience and receive genuine feedback.  At its best it’s assessment for learning in action.  So what’s not to love?   Well, although it’s really simple to set up your class blog, sometimes […]

Revision Tips for Students

19th May 2011

Revision is vital if your students are going to maximise their performance. Here are a few ideas to help them on their way.

Should Private Schools be Charities or Businesses?

18th May 2011

Private schools are fighting for the right to remain charities and continue to claim £100m per year in tax relief. Do you think they should win?

Independent Learning: What role does the teacher have to play?

13th May 2011

Independent learning is a great way of developing lifelong learners – but what role does the teacher have to play? I’ve looked at the crucial role of teacher as facilitator, mentor, coach and guide.

The Coolest Head Teacher in the World?

12th May 2011

Philip Black, Head Teacher at Bell Baxter High School in Fife might just go down in history as the coolest head teacher in the world after leading a flashmob dance in his school’s canteen and becoming an overnight web sensation. Many of you will have already seen the footage but I just had to share […]

UKEdChat – Amazing CPD or Information Overload?

10th May 2011

UK Ed Chat is widely received as a fantastic form or CPD – I’m a big fan – but it does have some downfalls and I thought it was time to discuss them…

What’s the Point of a Personal Learning Network?

9th May 2011

We all have a personal learning network or PLN. Even if we’ve not reached the dizzy heights of Twitter and the like our PLN is all around us every day. It’s the people that we work with and exchange ideas with. Traditionally our PLN wouldn’t have reached very far beyond the staffroom, but these days […]

10 Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog

6th May 2011

I set out to try and find some answers. How can I encourage YOU to comment on MY blog. And this is what I came up with

How to Engage Your Colleagues in Training

5th May 2011

Simple but effective ideas for ensuring you run a training session that engages your colleagues and has an impact on their working practice.

Ten Top Tips for Making a Short Half Term a Productive One

4th May 2011

This year Easter has fallen late and although most of us are finally back at school now, many of us are looking a very short half term with as little as four weeks until Easter Half Term. It hardly feels like enough time to achieve anything much does it?  But instead of resigning ourselves to […]

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