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5 Resources to Help You Bag the Perfect Teaching Job

How to Impress at Interview

It’s the time of year when everyone is thinking about new opportunities, and predictably the TES gets so fat with jobs it has to be hauled to your staff room by a team of sherpas.

So I drew together some of our most popular articles to help you succeed in getting your ideal role.

And I’ve also created a new School Jobs search engine – to help you find your ideal role in the first place.

The School Job Search Engine

After the success of the Lesson Plan Search Engine we decided to create a similar one for jobs. From one search box you can explore over 10 different school jobs sites, including TES, Guardian, eTeach and others. Pretty – it is not, but hopefully it will be enough to help you find your next dream role.

I’d love any feedback you have on it.



Putting Together a Powerful Letter of Application

Faced with a blank sheet of paper, putting together a powerful letter of application can be a tough job. Here is some advice from one of our courses on how to approach it – and excel!


How to Write an Outstanding Job Application

David Didau (aka @learningspy) goes through some very sound advice on how to structure your application to make it clear you tick all the right boxes.


How to Impress at Interview

No matter how strong a candidate you are – it all stands and falls on the quality of your interview. This post contains over 16 great ideas suggested by the Twitter community to help you ace your next one.


How to Excel in Your New Role

Got the role you always dreamed of? Here’s how to hit the ground running…

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