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5 Things I Learned From BETT 2012


I headed to BETT last Wednesday to soak up the atmosphere and see if I could learn something. And I did! Look!

Cloud = Good

These days, everything – apparently – stores things in the cloud. This is a good thing. Just so you know. If you want to find out more about the cloud – look here.


The World Doesn’t Need a New Whiteboard

Whether it’s a classic IWB, rear projection, short throw, or a posh TV there really are only so many products one needs that can do exactly the same thing. I pity any school who came to BETT to make a purchase decision on IWBs. Their IT Co-ordinator’s room must look like the British Library with all the promotional material.


Women Dressed Up as Bees Sell Technology

Don’t ask me – but in the endless attempts to outdo each other with stunts one company did decide that women dressed as bees handing out cupcakes was the way to go. I’m sure whoever it is their stock price has doubled across the weekend as the orders flooded in.


Much of Technology is Actually Quite Dull

For every stand selling exciting games-based curriculum resources there must have been 6 selling thin client network solutions, next generation school broadband access or some other hopelessly technical things that my brain can barely grasp let alone comprehend.


Michael Gove Finally to Get Credit for Axing BSF

Yes, you heard me right. Because if it wasn’t for the distinct lack of Partnerships for Schools at the vast Partnerships for Schools stand some of us weary exhibition travellers would probably have passed out on the floor.


But on a more serious note – massive congratulations to our Twitter friends Oddizzi who bagged the best Primary Content gong at the BETT Awards.

If you went to BETT and want to share what you learned – whether serious or tongue in cheek – I’d love to hear it, so do share!

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Tom Hesmondhalgh

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