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7 Sites that are Great Sources of Lesson Planning Inspiration


It’s a familiar story, you’ve got a list as long as your outstretched arm of lessons to plan and you’re slightly lacking inspiration and time. So what do you do? You turn to the marvellous help that’s available online of course.  There are several sites available with a huge range of free to download lesson plans and teaching resources to choose from.  You’ll need to do some work to make it your own, but the lion’s share of the work is done and dusted. 

We’ve highlighted some of our favourite teaching resource sites below.  If you think we’ve missed one, please leave a comment with the details. 


TES Resources

The TES is host to over 750,000 teaching resources which are free to download.  Over half are user generated (i.e. they’ve been updated by teachers like you and me) but there are also lots of resources professionally produced by the team at TES and by partner organisations.

Here are some helpful pages to help you navigate the content:

EYFS classroom resources collections index

Primary lesson plans collection

Secondary lesson plans collection

Events resources index – links to event / date specific resources

Special educational needs resources index

Guardian Teacher Network Resources

A range of teaching resources created by users, the Guardian team and selected partners. 

Resources created by the Guardian team

Resources uploaded by users

Resources created by Guardian partners

The Guardian’s ‘How to teach…’ series is worth a look too.  It’s regularly updated with guides on how to teach specific topics including lesson resource suggestions.  Recent additions to the series have included “How to teach … healthy eating”, “How to teach … autism awareness” and “How to teach… earthquakes”.

Primary Resources

This site, established in 1998, hosts a wide range of free lesson plans, activity ideas and resources for primary school teachers.

Promethean Planet

This site is host to nearly 100,000 resources you can use on your interactive whiteboard.  The Planet Top 10 is worth bookmarking as it shows the ten most downloaded lessons in the last seven days which is a great way of finding the best and most relevant content amongst all the resources the site has on offer.

Teaching Ideas

This site features some great resources, but be careful how you navigate.  There are so many adverts on the site that it’s easy to accidentally leave.  Using the blue navigation bar at the very top of the page you’ll be able to find your way around teaching ideas’ growing library of teaching resources.

Top Marks

Top Marks has a range of good looking resources.  You might find it useful to navigate to interactive whiteboard resources or their selection of learning games.  They also have specific resources for parents too.

SEN Teacher

SEN Teacher features a range of teaching resources aimed specifically at children with special educational needs.  Their resources include printables and specialist links.

We hope this post helps you to make the most of your planning time.  Don’t forget to leave us a comment with your favourite teaching resources site if we’ve missed it.

Happy Planning! 

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