Debra Manning

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Over the past 30 years, Debra has had extensive experience in schools and communities in North West England. Debra’s passion is improving opportunities for vulnerable children by strengthening relationships with families who are experiencing complex issues due to SEND or Safeguarding concerns.  During her employment with various Local Authorities, Debra has worked within multi-agency settings, working collaboratively to enhance the progress of the children and families involved.

Debra has always believed in an inclusive approach to everything she does and ensured that all vulnerable groups have been given a voice. As Inclusion Manger she line-managed Support staff, monitoring, evaluating and developing SEND practice within the school setting.

Debra has a TFL PGCE- Teaching English as a Second and Foreign Language – and she has worked in Secondary, Primary and adult sectors over the years, identifying needs and promoting staff training and confidence.

Debra’s hope is; bringing this experience of working in many varied school settings will enhance the professional development of support staff, teachers, middle leaders and Senior Management Teams, whilst ensuring that training is practical, interactive, enthusiastic and above all fun.