BULLYING | Lyra’s 4 tips to stop bullying

Our daughter Lyra (who is 11) had open homework to try and make a change in the world about something she cared about. She chose bullying and she made a poster. She will give a talk about it to her friends – this video is her practising her talk. She would love any feedback you have and if you would like to show this to your children or pupils Lyra would be very happy.


The transcript is auto generated:

hello i’m lyra and i’m going to talk to you about bullying and how it can affect people and how you can make a difference bullying is when a person or group sets out to hurt scare or humiliate someone it matters to me because i’ve seen friends and myself be bullied and it makes life really hard i did some research to help find four ways to spot and stop bullying i made these into a poster this leads me nicely onto my next point i’m going to talk to you about these four points one at a time number one is don’t ignore bullying when you see it this matters because if you ignore it then it only makes matters worse number two is to be an example of someone who stands up to bullying this is important because you can be a role model so then more people will stand up to bullying number three is to let the person or people who are doing the bullying know that their behavior is not okay you should do this because then it might help them put their bad behavior right number four is to get an adult so that then they can help stop the bullying you can help stop bullying by doing these four things yourself and spreading it with other people so that they can do it too thank you for listening i hope you found this helpful and don’t forget to remember to be kind

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