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Can Culture and The Arts be Used to Bridge the Divide Between Rich and Poor Children?

Children's art

Why is the achievement gap between rich and poor children so wide in the UK and what can be done to close the gap? How does engagement lead to achievement and how can the arts and culture play their part? What can be done to improve the life chances of our young people?

These questions will form the main focus for the Closing The Gap debate being hosted in November by FILMCLUB, The TES; and Save The Children UK.

The debate is being held in response to the fact that the gap in educational achievement between children from different economic and social backgrounds has remained stubbornly constant in the UK. The three organisations believe that this gap is unacceptable, and are coming together to discuss ways in which free access to cultural enrichment can help start to bridge the divide.

This is where you come in….

Do you have any opinions, stories or tips about how culture and the arts can be used to bridge the divide between rich and poor children?  Your ideas and experiences whether positive or negative will help fuel the debate.

Please comment here and your responses will all be passed directly onto the debate organisers.

4 responses to “Can Culture and The Arts be Used to Bridge the Divide Between Rich and Poor Children?”

  1. Avatar THO says:

    Well done for highlighting this situation again. This week has been a bad one for the arts, PE – all non-academic subjects. Let’s hope people will contribute to the debate!

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