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Rules, assertiveness and behaviour for NQTs

12th Sep 2016

    Being an NQT can be a bit like being a tight-rope walker. Just as you’re beginning to find your feet, people start throwing you more and more things to carry, a rogue gust of wind threatens to knock you over and halfway across you start having serious wobbles over your choice of career.   […]

Voice and Body Language: Top Tips for Using You in the Classroom

5th Sep 2016

Challenging behaviour is never far from a teacher’s conversation; from irritating low level disruptions to impossible to handle students, poor behaviour can stump all educators from the newest to the most experienced. But sometimes, even the subtlest changes in voice, face and body language can alter the direction of events enormously. All too often, we […]

Five Ideas for Promoting Body Confidence and Self-Esteem in your Pupils

11th Jan 2015

This post was first published in UKEdChat Magazine and is reproduced here with kind permission. As educators, we’re all aware that it’s not enough simply to fill our pupils with knowledge and hope for the best. In order for them to enjoy and achieve both within and beyond school, they need both healthy self-esteem and […]

Understanding why young people self-harm

2nd May 2014

There are a wide range of reasons why young people turn to self-harm and every single case is different but there are certain themes that recur time and time again. Below are some of the most common ones, along with quotes from young people to help you understand why they turned to this unhealthy coping […]

The 7 Signs You’re Losing Control of Your Class

28th Feb 2012

We’re over half way through the year now, and no doubt you’ve been trying your hardest to keep your classes on a tight leash. But now’s also the time, with spring approaching and youthful exuberance in full flow that your class can start to slip away from you. So what are the early warning signs, […]

How to Tackle Persistent Lateness

27th Jan 2012

  Persistent lateness can be a real pain. You’re just getting into to your flow and in dribs and drabs over the next five minutes the laggards arrive disrupting the class and getting the whole lesson off to a bad start. But it’s not impossible to fix – here are some simple common-sense strategies you […]

How to Rescue the Lost Class

20th Jan 2012

It’s a new year, and new term and a new start – and I’m sure that after digesting an inhuman amount of turkey thoughts our thoughts turned to how things were going to be different in 2012. For many of us, there may be one class in particular that’s been really challenging for the whole […]

Free Advice From Sue Cowley on Behaviour Management

21st Oct 2011

I think I said in an earlier post that we’re incredibly proud at Creative to have just finished the first three DVDs of our collaboration with Sue Cowley on Promoting Positive Behaviour in the classroom. Not only has she written many popular books on the subject, but if you’ve ever had the pleasure to see […]

How Do You Learn Good Behaviour Management?

30th Sep 2011

I’ve spent almost a whole day now watching through the final rushes of our new DVD set on Positive Behaviour Management with Sue Cowley. Those of you who have seen Sue speak at conferences will know what I mean when I say that she great at providing those practical everyday tips for use in the […]

How NOT to manage conflict in the classroom

28th Sep 2011

This post looks at where we commonly go wrong when dealing with difficult pupils in the classroom and gives some alternative responses which might improve the situation

Behaviour – Setting the Ground Rules

31st Aug 2011

It’s important to set and stick to your ground rules about behaviour right from the word go. This post gives you some pointers on ensuring your get off on the right foot with your new classes.

Tackling the causes of Truancy from School

13th Jul 2011

The DfE are tightening up on truancy – so this post takes a look at the major causes of persistent absenteeism and what can be done to address them.

Managing and Improving Behaviour – Learning Points from Leading Experts

28th Jun 2011

Following our recent behaviour conference, we have put together some key learning points highlighted by the keynote speakers, Sir Alan Steer, Sue Cowley, Paul Dix and Sue Atkins.

New Podcast: 10 Ideas to Manage Disruptive Behaviour

17th Jun 2011

I’ve been having a little experiment this morning, and this is the result. The first Creative Education podcast. Apologies for any technical issues as I’m still working through this. I’d love to know your thoughts – particularly if you have any easy ways to create, edit and publish podcasts!

20 Outcomes Restorative Justice can achieve in Schools

7th Jan 2011

20 reasons why you should consider implementing restorative justice in your school

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