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Blogging & social media in the classroom

Try Our New and Improved Twitter Guide for Teachers!

15th Feb 2012

Our guide to Twitter for teachers has been phenomenally popular. Countless kind people have retweeted it and spread it to an even bigger audience. Which is why I’m pleased to announce that the guide is recently updated, containing new information on top science tweeters, top geography tweeters and over 40 Twitter #edchats for teachers. Exciting […]

Using Google+ To Improve Your Teaching

29th Jan 2012

So many people already turn to Twitter to find out new things and develop their skills as a teacher – but what about Google+ the new social network from the search giant? Helped by heavy cross promotion from Google’s other products Google+ is growing at a phenomenal rate, and it has a number of interesting […]

35 Top Tweeters for Science Teachers

21st Nov 2011

It’s been a while since we did any posts on top tweeters to follow, so i thought I’d take up the gauntlet and we’ve put together a list for Science teachers. With these things there will always be some people I’ve forgotten to include and should have so help us build the list even bigger […]

5 Reasons Not to Ban Social Networking in Schools

9th Nov 2011

With an understandable concern about preventing cyber-bullying some schools and local authorities take the nuclear option when it comes to social networking and ban those sites wholesale. I’m tweeting to the choir here – but here are 5 reasons why social networking sites, whether they be open or closed, have a valid and important contribution […]

The Creative Education Guide to Twitter for Teachers

3rd Nov 2011

Pooky before me had written lots of really great content about how great a tool Twitter is for teachers, so I thought it would be a nice idea to bring it all together into one downloadable, shareable guide. In the end I think even she was surprised how much she had written – there’s over […]

Class Blog Challenge: Getting your pupils started

12th Sep 2011

This time, the class blog challenge is all about getting your pupils to write their first post. Please remember to share a link once you’re done!

Class Blog Challenge: Writing your first post

10th Aug 2011

The Class Blog Challenge explained (with links to all posts in the series).   So now you’ve set your objectives and set up your class blog so it’s time to get writing.   Getting to grips with it Before you even think about using the blog with the kids, you’re going to want to get […]

Class Blog Challenge: Setting up your class blog

27th Jul 2011

A step by step guide to setting up your class blog using a free and easy to use platform based on wordpress

Class Blog Challenge: Session 1 – Objective Setting

19th Jul 2011

The Class Blog Challenge aims to help you get started with, or improve your class blogging. This session looks at setting objectives for your blog.

The Class Blog Challenge: Are you in?

6th Jul 2011

Have you thought about class blogging but not sure how to start? If so then then class blogging challenge could be right up your street

UKEdChat summary – Promoting Positive Behaviour

27th Jun 2011

ukedchat summary from the discussion on 23rd June about promoting positive behaviour

10 Ideas for Class Blog Posts

20th May 2011

Class blogging is becoming ever more popular as a fantastic way of encouraging young people to write with a purpose, for a real audience and receive genuine feedback.  At its best it’s assessment for learning in action.  So what’s not to love?   Well, although it’s really simple to set up your class blog, sometimes […]

10 Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog

6th May 2011

I set out to try and find some answers. How can I encourage YOU to comment on MY blog. And this is what I came up with

Ten Top Tips: Writing Blog Posts

11th Feb 2011

Ten ideas to help you write popular, readable blog posts

How to Set up a Class Blog in Five Minutes

30th Dec 2010

Make your new year’s resolution to start up a blog for your class Blogging is an exciting way to get your class working together and fully engaged.  I recently discussed 10 Reasons You Should Get Your Class Bloggingand the response has been great.  It seems that lots of teachers have decided that their new year’s […]

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