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Innovation in Your Lessons – There is No Middle Ground

21st Feb 2012

I was struck yesterday when I read this post by Seth Godin In Search of a Timid Trapeeze Artist (you can read it, it’s very short!) What he says is generally true of all organisations – and of schools too. Innovation in teaching isn’t really something you can dabble in, it’s a lifestyle choice. A choice […]

18 Great iPad Apps for Primary Literacy

6th Feb 2012

From initial charges that ‘it;s just an overgrown iPhone’ the iPad is now part of many teachers’ and schools’ essential kit. But it’s fair to say that while Apple has created a beautiful, robust and powerful piece of kit finding the best apps on the App Store can be a challenging experience. So I asked […]

What Makes an Excellent Teacher

9th Dec 2011

So after a long search, Sir Michael Wilshaw is grasping education’s poisoned chalice and taking the role of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Schools. And his opening salvo has already begun. Following the lead of the government white paper it’s not just ‘coasting schools’ that are a target, but ‘coasting teachers’ too. Personally, I dislike […]

Using Drama to Liven Up Your Lessons

30th Nov 2011

Why use Drama in Lessons? Drama isn’t just a subject, it’s a very powerful technique for adding interest and engagement to your lessons. But it’s often also one that some teachers steer slear of with the challenges of organising it and the potential for disruption. So I delved into our course archives and adapted this […]

How to Rediscover Your Love For Teaching

16th Nov 2011

A worrying amount of NQTs never make it through the first few years of teaching. Even those of us that do make it through, with the nights drawing in and the pressure and marking piling up it’s natural to think “Why am I doing this?!” If you’ve lost your passion for teaching, if one government […]

Free Science Experiments You Can Try In Class

11th Nov 2011

After the massive success of the Sue Cowley behaviour management videos we showed in a previous blog post, I thought it would be nice to give away a few more freebies from our video archive. This week a free video from each of our 3 DVDs on creative science experiments. Physics – Tomato Earth Biology […]

10 Ways Your School Can Raise Achievement at KS3

26th Oct 2011

Key Stage 3 is often a time when boys can become disengaged with learning – making them less likely to achieve at Key Stage 4 and more likely to disrupt the learning of others in your class!  Here are ten whole school approaches you can take to try and improve the achievement of boys in […]

Five Ideas to turn Homework into Home Learning

21st Sep 2011

This post looks at how you can transform homework from something that is tedious for both teacher and pupil into something more relevant and meaningful

Ideas for getting to know your new class

2nd Sep 2011

A wide range of ideas to help you get to know your new class whether you’re an NQT or an old hand.

10 ideas to make planning next term’s lessons easier

24th Aug 2011

Planning your lessons for next term can feel like quite an arduous job. These tips are designed to help you along the way making the process a littler easier.

10 Strategies for saving a lesson that’s going badly wrong

29th Jul 2011

Lessons can go wrong for a wide variety of reasons. Here are ten strategies for rescuing them!

10 Ideas for using Geochaching at School

15th Jun 2011

This post gives you an introduction to geocahcing and a range of ideas for how you can use it at school to engage and motivate your class.

10 Reasons to Take Learning Outside the Classroom

6th Jun 2011

There are a huge range of benefits to taking learning outside the classroom, you’ll end up with pupils who are engaged, motivated and learning fast!

Ten Tips for Using Group Work to Engage and Motivate Learners

26th May 2011

Encouraging your pupils to collaborate and work as a group can be an excellent way to enhance their learning, keep them motivated and develop skills which are applicable far beyond the context of school.  When well-prepared and effectively managed, group work can be very fulfilling for both teacher and learner.  I’ve put together a list […]

Independent Learning: What role does the teacher have to play?

13th May 2011

Independent learning is a great way of developing lifelong learners – but what role does the teacher have to play? I’ve looked at the crucial role of teacher as facilitator, mentor, coach and guide.

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