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5 Ways to Use Augmented Reality in the Classroom

13th Feb 2012

In a nutshell, augmented reality (or AR) is about superimposing a computer-generated image, sound or video on to a live view of the world. This can take a number of forms – with a web cam on the computer or even on your smartphone. There’s no doubt about it, augmented reality is cool. But when […]

DIY VLEs: An Essential Austerity Measure or an Unholy Mess?

7th Nov 2011

After some grappling I finally got to grips with my unread blogs over the weekend, and came across this fascinating post from @dughall with some incredibly detailed comments and links to other thought provoking posts. The topic? Whether you’re better off doing your own thing for your next VLE and mashing up lots of different […]

How and why to create a class wiki

22nd Jun 2011

some ideas and advice on how and why to set up a class wiki- a great way to encourage learner led independent and collaborative learning

What does good e-learning look like?

8th Jun 2011

What do you think good e-learning looks like? I’ve shared my ideas in this post but it’s really just the start of the conversation… please join in!

Learning without Frontiers: Best of the Blogs

17th Jan 2011

A collection of blog posts inspired by Learning without Frontiers 2011

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