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New Teachers

Marking tips for the NQT

24th Oct 2016

You’ve just started your first teaching job. You want to make a great first impression. The thing is, just who do you want to make a great first impression on?   Those that pay your wages, those that line manage you, or those you want to progress? Surely it’s the latter? But then again, there is […]

What to do when a lesson goes wrong – A Survival Guide for NQTs

10th Oct 2016

The first thing we need to get clear is that lessons will go wrong from time to time.   Lessons will go wrong for teachers with 20 years, 2 years or 2 months experience in the classroom. Even the very best practitioners have lessons that go wrong. Even the most meticulously planned lessons can go wrong. And, […]

When the Going Gets Tough…!

3rd Oct 2016

Top tips for maintaining a positive attitude under the stresses of being an NQT   In your first year of teaching many experiences will be exciting, challenging and incredibly rewarding. But let’s be realistic. You will also suffer a few setbacks, make some embarrassing mistakes and possibly be under quite a lot of stress. Sometimes […]

5 Quick-hit tips on lesson planning!

26th Sep 2016

  I remember that day, 21 years ago, when I walked into my first ever departmental meeting on my first ever inset training day. As an NQT, I had everything in place – a plethora of great lessons hoarded from teaching placements and from other NQTs, and a scheme of work that I had borrowed […]

Rules, assertiveness and behaviour for NQTs

12th Sep 2016

    Being an NQT can be a bit like being a tight-rope walker. Just as you’re beginning to find your feet, people start throwing you more and more things to carry, a rogue gust of wind threatens to knock you over and halfway across you start having serious wobbles over your choice of career.   […]

Voice and Body Language: Top Tips for Using You in the Classroom

5th Sep 2016

Challenging behaviour is never far from a teacher’s conversation; from irritating low level disruptions to impossible to handle students, poor behaviour can stump all educators from the newest to the most experienced. But sometimes, even the subtlest changes in voice, face and body language can alter the direction of events enormously. All too often, we […]

10 tips to support you in your first week as a NQT

29th Aug 2016

  Congratulations, you’ve got the job!   Are you feeling nervous about having your first teaching job? Are you anticipating the first week in a new school and worrying about what you need to do? These top ten tips will help you survive that first week so read on…   Be early The first day […]

Ten top tips: Tackling disruptive behaviour

20th Oct 2015

Disruptive behaviour is a challenge in many schools and many classrooms here are some strategies for beating it.

Advice I wish I’d been given as an NQT

16th Sep 2014

Your first teaching post can start off as exciting, inspiring and motivating but as the honeymoon period comes to the end and the weight of responsibility and the marking kicks in, NQTs can often worry that they’ve made a terrible mistake. Below we have shared some advice from more experienced colleagues who have been in […]

What Makes an Excellent Teacher

9th Dec 2011

So after a long search, Sir Michael Wilshaw is grasping education’s poisoned chalice and taking the role of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Schools. And his opening salvo has already begun. Following the lead of the government white paper it’s not just ‘coasting schools’ that are a target, but ‘coasting teachers’ too. Personally, I dislike […]

30 of Your Best Tips for NQTs

31st Oct 2011

We did a piece a week back on advice for NQTs to help them get their work-life balance in order. The feedback from that just reemphasised to me what a tricky transition those early years of teaching can be, so I decided to get the best possible advice for all those aspiring NQTs out there […]

10 Top Tips to Preserve Work-Life Balance

19th Oct 2011

So NQTs – how has your first half term been? If your half term is going to be catching up on mountains of marking and lesson planning rather than a week of rest and reflection, now’s the time to take a step back and see what you can do to try to bring your life […]

Idea Exchange: Tips for New Teachers

25th Jul 2011

I asked you to share your top three tips for teachers starting their first post – there was a great response as you can see from the 88 tips listed in this post.

Five Practical Ideas for Lesson Starters

2nd Nov 2010

Use these starters to get your students engaged, excited & motivated for learning.

NQTs: First Half Term Highlights

27th Oct 2010

Your first half term is over. So what were your highlights? What ideas are you looking forward to implementing?

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