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5 Reasons to Love Middle Leaders

13th Aug 2018

Middle leaders are often the unsung heroes in our schools.  Taking on a phenomenal workload and ensuring the smooth running of individual departments and phases, they could be considered the glue that binds the school together.  Here are 5 reasons why we think school simply wouldn’t be the same without them.   Depth of knowledge […]

Letter from a difficult parent. #1: I’m a teacher too

28th Sep 2016

At some point it’s likely that you will encounter a parent or guardian who has specific concerns about your ability to cater for their child’s needs. Whilst they may come across as difficult or even uncooperative, keep in mind that they just want what’s best for their child’s education.   More posts in this series on how […]

The Hallmarks of a Fabulous Form Tutor

13th May 2014

The role of form tutor can be very rewarding, it’s a great opportunity to have a real impact on the well-being and achievement of a specific set of students, and a great chance to really get to know and understand them too. In this post we’ve summarised some of the things that we think make the best […]

Understanding why young people self-harm

2nd May 2014

There are a wide range of reasons why young people turn to self-harm and every single case is different but there are certain themes that recur time and time again. Below are some of the most common ones, along with quotes from young people to help you understand why they turned to this unhealthy coping […]

Guest Post: 3 Words of Caution About Literacy Trials

7th Feb 2012

In the UK, with the new phonics matching funding, lots of schools will be looking for good programmes to invest in that can secure real progress for their students. So a note I received recently from David Morgan of Easyread caught my eye. How do you make sure that your literacy programme is the real […]

Should We Still Teach Handwriting in Schools?

25th Jan 2012

How much do you write each day? Not on a computer, a tablet or a phone – but actually write. Probably as teachers we write more than many people, particularly with endless mounds of marking, but for many whole days can go past without them having to write anything at all by hand. So are […]

5 Things I Learned From BETT 2012

13th Jan 2012

  I headed to BETT last Wednesday to soak up the atmosphere and see if I could learn something. And I did! Look!

Guest Post: Is Competition Between Awarding Bodies Good for Our National Curriculum?

12th Jan 2012

All Awarding Bodies are competing for a sale of their qualifications, whether you provide one course, hundreds of courses or even thousands. You could be teaching Maths, Science, English, Computer Science or Food Technology. They want your business. Assessment and qualifications is a multi-billion pound industry in the UK and with the ongoing government emphasis on […]

Should Teachers Strike?

23rd Nov 2011

Ordinarily, we don’t deal with politics on the blog – but then the teacher pension reforms are no ordinary issue. Much ink has and will be spilled on the rights and wrongs of the pension reforms, so I don’t intend to cover that directly. More I want to explore should teachers strike period? Gerard Kelly, […]

The 9 Commandments of the Staff Room

2nd Nov 2011

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thine Neighbour’s Mug Buy your own mug, hide it and use it solely! There is no look in the world more terrifying from the glare of the Deputy Head who realises you’re using his favourite Peppa Pig mug.   Thou Shalt Always Wash Up If you do be as foolish as […]

Is Learning Latin Pointless?

5th Oct 2011

I have to admit – and this is something of a mea culpa – that I did learn Latin in school. I remember the teacher in question getting very irate over the waggish schoolboys who dared to question whether there was any point learning a dead language. When you’re young of course it just seems […]

Why Teach?

27th Jun 2011

Why teach – what were your reasons for entering the profession?

Should Private Schools be Charities or Businesses?

18th May 2011

Private schools are fighting for the right to remain charities and continue to claim £100m per year in tax relief. Do you think they should win?

What’s the Point of School Uniforms?

21st Feb 2011

Here in the UK almost every child is expected to wear a school uniform.  It’s just the way we do things.  But what’s the point of school uniform? Do uniforms create a good school ethos? Having students all wear the same uniform or a uniform colour may develop a ‘team’ feel reminding everyone from a […]

When did Good Teaching Stop Being Good Enough?

3rd Dec 2010

Should we always be striving to be outstanding teachers.. or is ‘good’ good enough?

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