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Book Now for Free Training Programme for Core Maths Teaching in the Further Education and Training Sector

20th May 2015

Creative Education is proud to be working on behalf of the Education and Training Foundation to deliver a range of 6 day courses to train experienced maths teachers in preparation for the introduction of the core Maths curriculum in the FE Further Education and Training sector. The core maths curriculum was announced by the government […]

Getting the Most out of the Performance Management Process

7th Oct 2014

Increasingly performance management can feel a bit of a box ticking exercise. However, there’s a great amount to be gained from good performance management; it can provide an opportunity to share ideas for overcoming barriers, explore new opportunities for expanding our skills and can also be a great time to pause and celebrate a job […]

The New National Curriculum – Your Questions Answered

12th Jun 2014

With a new national curriculum looming, everyone is full of questions and keen to identify sources of help. We’ve pulled together your most common questions in the blog post below and at the end you can find details of Creative Education courses which will help you to implement the new National Curriculum.   When do […]

How To Make Team Teaching Work

21st May 2014

Team teaching is one of those terms that you hear bandied around from time to time, but if you’ve not tried it then it can be hard to know quite why to bother and, if you do, how to make it an effective way of leading learning.  There are various different models of team teaching, […]

The Hallmarks of a Fabulous Form Tutor

13th May 2014

The role of form tutor can be very rewarding, it’s a great opportunity to have a real impact on the well-being and achievement of a specific set of students, and a great chance to really get to know and understand them too. In this post we’ve summarised some of the things that we think make the best […]

5 Reasons to Love Middle Leaders

22nd Apr 2014

Middle leaders are often the unsung heroes in our schools.  Taking on a phenomenal workload and ensuring the smooth running of individual departments and phases, they could be considered the glue that binds the school together.  Here are 5 reasons why we think school simply wouldn’t be the same without them.   Depth of knowledge […]

How to Deal with Criticism of Your Teaching Style

20th Feb 2012

There is no failure, only feedback. But as much as we might know this implicitly sometimes the way feedback is given can make it feel like we’ve failed. The problem is particularly acute with teaching, as so many of the outcomes can sometimes be subjective. Were a class really engaged? Were students making sufficient progress? Was […]

Writing Your Own Professional Development Plan

17th Feb 2012

As the half term draws mercilessly towards its close, I started wondering about all those resolutions I made back in late last year and how they’ve fared – some well, some less well.

I suspect you may have made similar resolutions too. So if, like mine those good intentions have been swamped in a sea of workload, let’s take a moment to step back from it all and look afresh at where you want to get to, and what you need to do to do it.

Guest Post: How Video Helps Teachers Own Their CPD

8th Feb 2012

  Lesson observations have traditionally been seen as a performance management tool, and to some people the idea of putting a camera into the classroom sets off Big Brother alarm bells! But when implemented properly, controlled and permissioned by the teacher and used by teachers to support one another, video has enormous potential to improve […]

Using Google+ To Improve Your Teaching

29th Jan 2012

So many people already turn to Twitter to find out new things and develop their skills as a teacher – but what about Google+ the new social network from the search giant? Helped by heavy cross promotion from Google’s other products Google+ is growing at a phenomenal rate, and it has a number of interesting […]

Creating a Not To Do List

28th Dec 2011

It’s coming round to that time of year for New Years Resolutions which valiantly struggle on till late January only to be submerged under a pile of marking and admin. But if we’re looking at how to make a permanent shift in 2012, I couldn’t help but wonder if it wasn’t as important to make […]

Improve Your Presentation Skills

20th Dec 2011

Arguably, teachers present for a living, but take them out of the confines of the classroom, some find it a difficult – even harrowing – experience. So if you’ve got to lead CPD at your next staff meeting or make a presentation to parents that you’re dreading – here are some useful tips to help […]

Maths Teaching Ideas: 10 Great Maths Games Sites

11th Jul 2011

Make maths fun with these online maths games – parents and teachers will find these a great way to increase kids enthusiasm about maths learning.

What’s the Point of a Personal Learning Network?

9th May 2011

We all have a personal learning network or PLN. Even if we’ve not reached the dizzy heights of Twitter and the like our PLN is all around us every day. It’s the people that we work with and exchange ideas with. Traditionally our PLN wouldn’t have reached very far beyond the staffroom, but these days […]

How to Engage Your Colleagues in Training

5th May 2011

Simple but effective ideas for ensuring you run a training session that engages your colleagues and has an impact on their working practice.

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