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Pupil Wellbeing

Supporting Children in School with Parents In Prison

25th Nov 2011

Imagine you’re 8 years old, it’s the middle of the night. A group of men smash down your front door and take your dad away. Mum says it was the police because he’d done something bad. Each year over 160,000 children have to live with one or more parents being in prison, which means it’s […]

Model Eating Disorders Policy for use in your School

24th Jun 2011

This model eating disorders policy has been developed to help you support students at risk of or suffering from anorexia or bulimia

Guidelines for Teachers Handling Disclosures of Child Abuse

28th Mar 2011

Some practical ideas for teachers dealing with disclosures of child abuse at school

Developing an Effective Attendance Policy

24th Nov 2010

Use these ideas to maximise attendance and minimise lateness with an effective attendance policy.

Bulllying: Practical Strategies for Teachers and TAs

8th Nov 2010

Victims of bullying suffer psychological and sometimes physical scars that last a lifetime.

The practical strategies outlined in this post could form a part of your pro-active approach towards preventing and handling bullying.

6 Activities to Improve Students’ Self-Esteem

4th Nov 2010

Simple activities to help students of any age feel comfortable and happy with themselves as unique individuals.

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