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Methods to reduce planning time

11th Feb 2019

Lesson planning takes a considerable amount of teachers’ time. While planning is clearly important it mustn’t become disproportionately time-consuming, which is counter-productive.

Multiplication: How to help children remember

10th Jan 2019

Progress in maths relies on fluent recall of the times tables. Not having to work out sums frees time for students to work through more complex mathematical processes.

5 Reasons to Love Middle Leaders

13th Aug 2018

Middle leaders are often the unsung heroes in our schools.  Taking on a phenomenal workload and ensuring the smooth running of individual departments and phases, they could be considered the glue that binds the school together.  Here are 5 reasons why we think school simply wouldn’t be the same without them.   Depth of knowledge […]

Special needs and physical education: Practical inclusion strategies to remove barriers to the curriculum

7th Jun 2016

All children are entitled to participate in PE lessons at school in the UK. Where appropriate, lessons must be inclusive of SEND pupils.

How To Make Team Teaching Work

21st May 2014

Team teaching is one of those terms that you hear bandied around from time to time, but if you’ve not tried it then it can be hard to know quite why to bother and, if you do, how to make it an effective way of leading learning.  There are various different models of team teaching, […]

8 Ideas for Teaching Outstanding Lessons in the Primary School

8th May 2014

We’ve all got different ideas about exactly how to develop and deliver an outstanding lesson.  The ideas we’ve outlined below are relatively straightforward and simple to apply and can act as a checklist when you’re lesson planning.  If you have ideas to add, please leave a comment.  1. Be Passionate and Interested If you’ve lost […]

Free Science Experiments You Can Try In Class

11th Nov 2011

After the massive success of the Sue Cowley behaviour management videos we showed in a previous blog post, I thought it would be nice to give away a few more freebies from our video archive. This week a free video from each of our 3 DVDs on creative science experiments. Physics – Tomato Earth Biology […]

10 Ideas for using Geochaching at School

15th Jun 2011

This post gives you an introduction to geocahcing and a range of ideas for how you can use it at school to engage and motivate your class.

10 Ideas for Communicating History Understanding at KS1 & 2

30th Mar 2011

History is a topic that can really capture the imagination of primary school pupils and there are a whole host of exciting ways to further their learning whilst enabling them to communicate what they have understood about a topic so far.  Ten ideas are suggested below – do you have any more to add?   […]

Tackling Tricky Topics in PSHE

13th Jan 2011

Teachers need to create a safe environment in which pupils can share their feelings, explore their values and attitudes, express their opinions and consider those of others without attracting negative feedback.  This will help to enhance self-esteem and encourage more open discussion. It will also help to make sure that teachers are not anxious about […]

MFL: 8 Things you should know about every pupil

5th Jan 2011

Get to know your pupils so you can make MFL come alive for them

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