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Inspirational, expert-led Creative Education public courses are running in Plymouth this autumn!

22nd Jul 2019

Creative Education will be running some of their most popular public courses in Plymouth this autumn term. With an expert-led trainer, a comfortable central location and a proper sit down restaurant lunch; you’ll come away from the day fully inspired and energised!

Inspiring and energising public courses now available in Exeter!

12th Jul 2019

See our fantastic range of popular open courses being held in Exeter over the autumn term and next year.

8 Ways to reduce stress

15th Feb 2019

Teaching can be challenging, with difficult behaviour and heavy workloads potential contributors to stress. These 8 tips can help you to cope.

5 steps to create a school culture supportive of good mental health

11th Dec 2018

Schools cannot eradicate mental health problems in children entirely. What they can do is create an environment that fosters and protects mental wellbeing and encourages resilience in children.

5 Reasons to Love Middle Leaders

13th Aug 2018

Middle leaders are often the unsung heroes in our schools.  Taking on a phenomenal workload and ensuring the smooth running of individual departments and phases, they could be considered the glue that binds the school together.  Here are 5 reasons why we think school simply wouldn’t be the same without them.   Depth of knowledge […]

How to Establish Yourself as an Effective Leader in School

8th Sep 2014

Twitter and Facebook feeds are awash with adorable pictures of kids starting school this week, but they’re not the only ones facing the new term with excitement mixed with a little bit of uncertainty and trepidation – plenty of school staff are too. This is especially true for colleagues entering into their first leadership role. […]

How To Make Team Teaching Work

21st May 2014

Team teaching is one of those terms that you hear bandied around from time to time, but if you’ve not tried it then it can be hard to know quite why to bother and, if you do, how to make it an effective way of leading learning.  There are various different models of team teaching, […]

8 Ideas for Teaching Outstanding Lessons in the Primary School

8th May 2014

We’ve all got different ideas about exactly how to develop and deliver an outstanding lesson.  The ideas we’ve outlined below are relatively straightforward and simple to apply and can act as a checklist when you’re lesson planning.  If you have ideas to add, please leave a comment.  1. Be Passionate and Interested If you’ve lost […]

The 5 Bits of Advice That Will Save Your Teaching Career

10th Feb 2012

  You’ve spent a long time training to teach, and years honing and practicing your craft. What a shame if all that hard work were put at risk because of a simple mistake or misunderstanding. Here’s five bits of advice to prevent it ever coming to that…   Keep a Professional Distance from Your Students […]

How To Have Tricky Conversations with Colleagues

12th Oct 2011

In order to be effective in your role you’re going to have to say ‘no’ to some of the people, some of the time. Otherwise your work-life balance will get caught up in a twisted vortex of increasing demands on your shrinking time. But as we all know, saying ‘no’ can be tricky – especially […]

Idea Exchange – How to Remember Pupils Names

1st Aug 2011

A list of teachers’ ideas for remembering pupils names – this can be a difficult job when you’ve got one, or more, new classes to get to know. There are some great ideas to help you here.

I’m on strike because…

30th Jun 2011

A collection of viewpoints from teachers around the UK about why they have chosen to join, or not join today’s strike action. Please add your voice.

Why Teach?

27th Jun 2011

Why teach – what were your reasons for entering the profession?

How to keep your cool when all about you, are losing theirs (and blaming it on you)

23rd Jun 2011

It can be hard not to respond to anger with more anger. Here are some ideas to help you give the calm and measured response that is most likely to see the situation satisfactorily resolved.

The Confident Teacher – how to appear confident… even when you aren’t

21st Jun 2011

If you act confident, you’ll soon feel more confident – here are some ideas to get you started.

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