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Class Blog Challenge: Writing your first post

The Class Blog Challenge explained (with links to all posts in the series).


So now you’ve set your objectives and set up your class blog so it’s time to get writing.


Getting to grips with it

Before you even think about using the blog with the kids, you’re going to want to get grips with it yourself so you can answer all their zillions of questions and make sure they get the most out of their early blogging experiences.


There’s loads of fancy stuff you can do when writing blog posts, and if you’re so inclined, feel free to go and research the bells and whistles (there are hundreds of great wordpress demos on youtube) but for now I’m going to recommend we keep it simple.


Forget about the bells and whistles for now

Today we’re not too worried about making your post beautiful or including pictures or hyperlinks, or even about getting the content perfect.  Today it’s just about getting your first post out there.


Writing a blog post is really very simple, no matter which blogging platform you’re using – and it’s basically like using Word or similar.  Personally I always write my posts in Word and cut and paste them into WordPress – all the editing goes along with them (including any hyperlinks).


There is a short, simple video on the edublogs website on writing your first post that you may find helpful.


So what are you going to write about?

My suggestion for your first post would be an introduction to yourself, your class and your objectives for your class blog.  This will not only give you the opportunity to practice writing your first post, but it will also give everyone participating in the class blog challenge the opportunity to introduce themselves to everyone else.


Things to think about

You’ll need to think of a title for your post that makes it clear what the post is about – in this instance something like ‘Introducing Mrs Jones, teacher of Class 5J’ or similar would do just fine.  You’ll also want to think about making sure your post is written logically and clearly and is broken up by any appropriate sub-headings which might make it easier to read.


You may end up with a finished post that reads something like this:


Introducing Mrs Jones, Teacher of Class 5J


About Me

Hi, I’m Mrs Jones and I’ve been teaching year five and East Rise Primary School.  I’m passionate about using art to improve learning opportunities.  When I’m not in the classroom I love to cook and play a mean tenor sax.


About My Class

Class 5J will be joining me in September.  They are a class of 32 with very diverse backgrounds and a wide range of abilities.


The Objectives for my Class Blog

The main objectives for my class blog are:

  1. To encourage an enjoyment of writing in class 5J
  2. To share what is happening in class with parents
  3. To share ideas and communicate with other classes both in the UK and abroad


Once you’ve written your first post, please come back here and share it using the ‘linky tool’ below – it’s pretty simple, you just need to cut and paste a link (click on ‘Click here to enter’).  Please come back and take the time follow the links to other people’s introductory posts and leave them a comment (perhaps linking back to your introductory post).  Beginning to build relationships with other bloggers in the Class Blog Challenge is the first step towards us all being able to really help one another.



Good luck!  Please leave a comment or tweet me @creativeedu if you need any help



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