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The Class Blog Challenge: Are you in?

UK Ed Chat – A Guide

Have you ever thought about setting up a class blog but don’t know how?  Or do you have a class blog but it’s not really working out as well as you hoped – or maybe you have a successful class blog but you just can’t get parents to interact?  Well if you’re any of the above then the class blog challenge could be for you.


My idea – if you like it and are happy to play – is to issue a new challenge each week for class bloggers.  So that we can help each other, share ideas and all improve our class blogging.

Each week I’ll be setting a challenge and asking you to share your posts – then encouraging you (or your pupils) to read and comment on each other’s posts.


There will be a wide range of challenges and no pressure to be involved every week – though it will always be a case of the more the merrier.


We’re about to head into the summer holidays which will be a great time for those people who want a class blog but haven’t set one up before to get all the technical stuff out of the way, and get a secure plan in place, before class starts in September.  So the first challenges will be geared towards helping you set up your blog and helping you plan how to use it in class.


By September we’ll all be ready to go and the challenges will be suitable for anyone with a class blog whether they’re brand shiny and new or super experienced and looking for new challenges.

If you’re sitting on the class blogging fence, you might like my post ‘10 reasons to get your class blogging‘.


So are you in?  If you’re interested in the idea, please leave a comment to register your interest and share any ideas you might have about what kinds of challenges you would like to see.


16 responses to “The Class Blog Challenge: Are you in?”

  1. Avatar Anna Halford says:

    As a newcomer to blogging, I would welcome any suggestions/ideas. Have recently signed up to the quadblogging which sounds exciting, and encourage the children to do the 100word challenge. For me, the reason I set up a class blog was for the children to have a wider audience to showcase their writing to, to have a real life purpose to writing which would go outside the classroom, and to encourage dialogue through the comments. Any ideas which will help encourage the families to play a larger part, to encourage children to blog in their own time and even set up their own blogs at home would be great. I’d also like to encourage the children to have greater ownership and to take a lead in what they blog about as opposed to me giving them starting points. The more we all share ideas the better we all become.

  2. Avatar Stuart Brown says:

    Count me in! This is a great Idea

  3. Avatar Stuart Brown says:

    Count me in! This is a great Idea

  4. Avatar Stuart Brown says:

    Count me in! This is a great Idea.

  5. Avatar devoil says:

    I would be interested. My class blog has been going since Feb but has run out of steam lately. It would be nice to have something to really make it take off in September.

  6. Avatar year3teacher says:

    I would be interested in this.

  7. Hello….I would be very interested in participating.

  8. Avatar Louise Hutchinson says:

    I’ve tried to set up blogs on our school website but it’s not really worked v well so would be happy to learn how to make it more meaningful/effective & join in!

  9. Avatar Doug Cremin (@sciteachcremin) says:

    Really interested in starting a class blog next September and ready to accept all the help I can get.
    Count me in for the challenge!

  10. Relatively new to this blogging lark so this sounds like a fab idea!

  11. Avatar LearningSpy says:

    I’m up for it – count me in

  12. Avatar Mr W says:

    Know we’re already into September but reckon I’d be up for this. We’re in the quadblogging cycle this term too.
    New class means new impetus and I’m hoping it stays that way. One of the ways I get my children involved is to include competitions on the blog as well as their thoughts and ideas…

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