Challenging and Motivating More Able Pupils in the Primary Classroom

How to maximise the potential of the gifted and talented pupils in your school

This training will enable you to identify, stretch and challenge your most able learners with activities that will motivate and engage them rather than simply keep them busy.  This is no mean feat when you have a  whole class of learners whose needs you must meet, but it is possible, and with a little time spent developing your ideas and approach during this training session, you’ll find that it will not create a significant additional work burden for you; and that your actions will begin to have an impact on identified pupils right away.

Course Outcomes

  • Identify more able pupils, including those skirting the radar
  • A range of strategies for stretching and challenging more able pupils
  • Encouraging creativity, exploration and development of ideas
  • Developing your existing planning to better meet the needs of the most able
  • What’s working well? Building on your classroom practice
  • Create a culture and ethos that works for learners at every level

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