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Creative Education

Raising the standards of schools and colleges across the country through training, consultancy and support. Check out our latest courses or tailored in-school training options.

Putting Digital at the Heart of Learning


Independent, Expert Consultancy

Is your school taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technologies? We can conduct a thorough review and training needs analysis of your school with a thorough report detailing strengths, weaknesses and next steps covering:

  • Overall vision for digital technology in the school
  • Teaching, learning and assessment
  • Behaviour and attendance
  • Pupil safeguarding and information security
  • Social media and mobile learning

Training and development to suit you

Frequently, such analyses show that many teachers are still unsure how to use the tools at their disposal, and to incorporate them effectively into learning activities. To address this, we offer inhouse training programmes on a wide variety of topics:

  • Policy and practice in areas such as BYOD, cloud computing and social media
  • Use of tablet computers and mobile devices in teaching and learning
  • Tools and techniques to enable effective flipped learning
  • Effective data collection, tracking and reporting
  • Online tools to support teaching and learning
  • Or bespoke courses on any topic you require

In-house training

Free training delivered on behalf of the British Council

Improve the digital literacy skills of students through the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms programme. This free learning journey provides teachers with the knowledge and ideas to teach core skills – the skills that young people need to be fully prepared for life and work in a global economy.
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Subsidised digital skills training for FE practitioners

Digital technology is part of our everyday lives, essential in education and the modern workplace. As a result, teachers and tutors must also be digitally literate to help in the delivery and management of their courses.

The Digital Skills Enhancement Programme provides a range of professional development courses aimed at improving the personal digital skills of FE practitioners and to build confidence in the use of technology in the classroom.

As part of the programme, we are delivering 6 two-day and 2 one-day courses to help practitioners develop:

  • Digital skills to support assessment
  • Digital skills to enable collaborative learning and progression
  • Digital skills to save time and reduce workload
  • Digital skills to create effective learning materials
  • Digital skills to create audio and video resources to engage learners
  • A more effective use of Office applications
  • Digital skills to use social media
  • Digital skills to work safely and securely

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