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20 Top Education Tweeters – eLearning Enthusiasts

This week’s 20 top tweeters are all e-learning enthusiasts.  Each tweeter on the list is someone I have found particularly interesting, engaging or who has shared a wide variety of useful links.  For anyone who has an interest in e-learning I would suggest that each and every one is well worth a follow.

  1. @chrisleach78Head of ICT – Winchester House School.
  2. @CliveBuckleyEducator with a particular interest in e-learning / technology-enhanced learning.
  3. @DigitalMaverickLearning technologist, Moodle evangelist and gig goer
  4. @deerwoodICT Education Consultant, Trainer and Teacher. Interested in web2.0, education, mind mapping, self development, transforming learning, handheld learning
  5. @DTesterAssistant Headteacher at specialist technology college Shaping minds of the future through use of technology. E-Learning Digerati and all round good guy
  6. @dughallInterested in ICT, Education (E-Learning, Web 2.0), Music fan. Parent . (My tweets are my own views)
  7. @edtechroundup…conversations about using technology in education.
  8. @fullonlearningLearning & teaching geek; creative learning developer & addict; tech lover; G&T consultant; ideas magpie;runner,cricketer,cyclist all views expressed my own
  9. @ianaddison Primary School Teacher and ICT Co-ordinator at a school in Hampshire. I’m also an ICT Mark Assessor and Google Certified Teacher. Ex-VLE consultant for Hants
  10. @iUsherBucksCC’s E-Learning Co-ordinator using Moodle, Adobe Education Leader using Connect, music is my radar.
  11. @JamesMichieHusband, educator and technology enthusiast interested in e-learning, social media and communication.
  12. @kvnmclGoogle Certified Teacher working in Primary ed. Keen user of tech to enhance teaching/learning
  13. @MoodleMcKeanILT/elearning strategist in UK FE college & MSc student. Interested in pedagogy, m & elearning, Moodle, PLEs & using tech to engage & add value to learning.
  14. @MrStuckeDirector of E-Learning at Stretford High School, Manchester, UK
  15. @mwclarkson Head of ICT & Computing, board member of Computing At School, teacher, believer in never standing still, moodler and geek.
  16. @PhoenixSherTeacher, ex-Deputy Head and now Leadership Associate working in secondary schools across the UK. Still love the challenge of teaching & supporting colleagues.
  17. @raff31 – LFC and a bit of ICT and a bit random…to quote Miss Newham!
  18. @ShellTerrell – Passionate educator. Author of The 30 Goals Challenge
  19. @tombarrettInspiring and engaging learners with (and without) great educational technology.
  20. @xannov Porchester Junior School ICT Coordinator, website builder, Bectan Sands creator, 2DIY & 2CaSS archivist, promoter of new technologies in the classroom.

I hope you find some interesting new tweeters to follow.  They are all in a Twitter list here.  If you’re not doing so already, you may also like to follow me: @CreativeEdufor Education chat. Offers, News and Info about Creative Education’s training courses for school staff and a chance to have an input and shape our courses. And to keep up with the blog of course!

Who’s missing?  Please leave a comment with your top e-learning enthusiasts – or tell readers why they should follow you.

9 responses to “20 Top Education Tweeters – eLearning Enthusiasts”

  1. @PerformanceEd looking to make your next list.
    Check out our Social Studies Lesson plans and activities.

    Thanks for the info!

  2. Avatar Sam says:

    This is great thanks have a look at my blog:

  3. Avatar Jack Sloan says:

    Teacher, ICT and Science coordinator and school blogger keen on collaboration and creative approaches to learning. Check out our blog to see what we’re up to..

  4. […] 20 Top Education Tweeters – eLearning Enthusiasts | The Creative Education Blog This list consists of e-learning enthusiasts I have found particularly interesting, helpful, or engaging or who share fab links (Top e-learning tweeters: @DTester – Assistant Headteacher at specialist technology college – Source: […]

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