Job Opportunity: Mental Health Lead Programme Coaches

We are currently recruiting for additional coaches to work with us to deliver our mental health leads training.  Below, I’ve shared some information about the role and at the end there is a form you can complete to express your interest if you’d like to be considered as a coach for cohort 2

Job Description

As a Senior Mental Health Leads coach, you will be working closely across 6 sessions with a group of approximately 12 professionals who have been matched by phase but whose experience is likely to vary. Each session is expected to last 1.5 hours and there will be six sessions across two consecutive terms. You will support participants to complete a mental health audit on their setting and working towards a presentation based upon a small improvement they will make to their setting. Participants will also be working through some on demand learning between the coaching circles you will run. 

You will be responsible for supporting your participants to navigate their on-demand learning, facilitating discussions within the 6 sessions about their learning as well as helping them to stay on track with their project and audit. We will provide all of the materials for the sessions to you. You will also be responsible for monitoring the progress of your participants and will be the first line of support for participants who are not managing the requirements of the programme. To do this well, you will need to monitor a WhatsApp group and emails for your circle and provide some guidance between sessions. 

As a coach, you will work with participants to help them to identify the needs of themselves and their setting to help them along the way to becoming a more mentally healthy setting in accordance with the Department for Educations’ 8 priority areas:  

  1. Leadership and management
  2. Identifying need and monitoring impact of interventions
  3. Targeted support and appropriate referrals
  4. Staff development
  5. Creating an ethos and environment
  6. Enabling the Student Voice
  7. Working with parents, families and carers
  8. Curriculum, teaching and learning

You will also be responsible for determining whether participants have engaged and progressed sufficiently across the two terms to graduate from the programme and receive their certificate. 

Workbooks, training and session plans will be provided as well as access to our large library of on-demand courses developed to support the DfE’s learning outcomes.

Time Commitment and Pay

We estimate that the time commitment for coaching one group of about 12 participants would be approximately 3-4 days across two terms including:

  • 6 x 90minute coaching sessions
  • 10 hours out of session contact time, including reviewing participant workbooks 
  • 5 hours of train the trainer / prep time
  • 2 hours final workbook check, and v. short report write to enable graduation 

Coaches will be paid a flat fee of £1200 per coaching circle which can be paid in three instalments or as a lump sum upon group graduation.

We would especially welcome coaches who would feel able to commit to taking on several groups. 


We have cohorts launching every term, so the next one we are recruiting for is always just round the corner! 

What next?

If you are interested in coaching for us, please can you provide a few further details by completing this form We hope to interview and appoint prospective coaches by the end of term.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Pooky and the team

Dr Pooky Knightsmith 


Creative Education

[email protected]