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Looking forward to the year ahead

Time To Plan Clock

I love this point in the academic year.  You’ve been at school long enough to feel back in the swing of things – you no longer feel quite like you’re going to throw up when the alarm goes off and the ink in your marking pen is free flowing again – but it’s still early enough on that you haven’t lost your enthusiasm for the year ahead.
A great time to crystallize your aims

I think it’s a great time to sit back, take stock and crystallize your aims for this year.  Otherwise it can be all too easy to start the term all guns blazing only to find that Christmas and then Easter rock around all too soon and you’ve never quite left the starting blocks.
What kind of teacher do you want to be?

It needn’t take long.  Just find a quiet five minutes and think about the year ahead.  What are you hoping to achieve?  What new ideas are you really keen to try?  What kind of teacher do you want to be?


Make your aims real by communicating them

You probably have a pretty good idea on all of these fronts now having had the wholesummerto think through the year ahead (because let’s be honest, it’s not really a holiday is it?  It’s just an extended preparation time).  Write it all down before it escapes you and try to stick to it.  I always think that communicating your aims makes you more likely to stick to them so why not write a blog post about them, or leave a comment below.


I’d love to hear your hopes and aspirations for the year ahead, and I really hope you’re still full of enthusiasm and verve about the teacher you can be this year.

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