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Outstanding Lesson Plans and How to Create Your Own

Time To Plan Clock

Planning is absolutely key if you want to deliver inspiring lessons that both motivate and engage your students.  That does not mean to say you need to slave over each of your lesson plans for hours on end, but there are a series of questions you can ask yourself about each of your lesson plans to ensure that the lesson will be fulfilling its potential and meeting the needs of your learners.

Lesson Title:

  • Does it show progression from the previous lesson(s)?

Aims and Objectives:

  • Are they clear?
  • Can they be measured or evaluated?
  • Do the students know and understand them?
  • What is their position in the scheme of work?


  • Is there a variety of activities on offer so that all students may be able to make progress and expect to achieve the objectives?
  • How will you manage the practicalities of students who need extra support?


  • Do they meet the aims?
  • Do they provide for the different ways that students learn?
  • Are they accessible for all students?


  • Is there any link to the last lesson?
  • What learner input is required?
  • Does it prepare and motivate students for learning?

Main Activities:

  • Do they promote independent learning?
  • Is there a variety?
  • Are questions clear?
  • Are there written instructions to support verbal ones?
  • Is any research targeted and appropriate guidelines given?
  • How do the tasks meet the learning objectives?
  • What will the finished work look like?  Model / show examples


  • Does it check the learning?
  • Do all students participate?
  • Has every student met the objectives?
  • How will it affect planning for the next lesson?


  • Do students know the reason for the task?
  • Are the instructions clear?
  • Are your expectations clear?
  • Is the deadline manageable and clear?

If you get used to asking yourself these questions each time you plan (you will get to be very quick at it!) you will find that you are creating lesson plans which can form the basis of outstanding lessons.

Is there anything missing?  I’m sure there could be some useful additions to this list, please take a minute to comment with your ideas.

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