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I’m on strike because…

Headteachers come together at ‘HeadRoom’
So June 30th has finally arrived, a day of strikes for many teachers in the UK.  Some of you fully support the strike, some of you are entirely against it and some of you are following the direction set out by your union, unsure of your own stance… I thought it would be interested to gather together a range of views about why people were or weren’t striking.  Please add your voice by commenting below or tweeting me @creativeedu


I’m on strike because….

jackieschneider I’m on strike because that’s what my union voted for & I’m a democrat

morphosaurus:  I’m on strike as part of UCU – wouldn’t be teaching any classes tomorrow, but that isn’t the point!

Baggiepr I’m on strike because the government wants to break it’s contract with me over my pension  No teacher likes closing schools but no one else is going to speak up for us Ed Milliband and balls made that clear – read more on my blog

flintworks .I’m on strike because pay freezes and pension contribution increases don’t work well together

MisterG I am on strike, despite the fact I’d rather teach Y12. But I am in a Union, and agreed to their policies. School is closed

pipkinzoo I’m on strike because my union has voted that way and called me out. If I didn’t agree I would have changed union to avoid it

jodieworld I’m on strike because it’s the only option we have to say NO to the big boss Gove. If I could talk to him instead I would.

myhanhdoan I am strike to make a stand in protection of our pensions and expectation to work longer for less.

dwsm I will be on the picket line and on the protest march. I do not feel I have any choice – read more on my blog


I’m Not on strike because….


JfB57 I’m not on strike because ‘ve worked in the private sector & know what it is like to have poor pensions, prospects & no respect!

mrgpg I’m not on strike because I believe that teaching should be apolitical, union free and a vocation – not about the benefits.

TeechGeek: I’m NOT on strike because I have just completed my PGCE and on hols until 4th September. Will be on the streets though

Elmlea1981 I’m not on strike as my union NASUWT are taking alternative action against the govt plans

BrightAire We’re a hard working family. That’s why I’ll be striking to protect yours & my livelihood & education from government. Attacks

reallara I’m really torn as don’t want to strike and wish there was another way to actually be listened to.

Carlosophy I’m not on strike because…. I’m a ruthless supply teacher taking advantage of the absences.

DeputyMitchell I’m not striking because I’m in the NAHT. Heathfield is closed to pupils though.

ElKel99 I’m not on strike as not in a striking union but have to take my children to work with me as their teachers are!

agittner I’m not striking as I am in the NASUWT but wish that I was. I think a totally collective response would have been so powerful

coope83 I’m NOT on strike because the time isn’t right- negotiations are ongoing.  I have full support for my colleagues who are on strike and I’m in no doubt that we will be joining them soon


ErinMorleyS I’m NOT on strike because… I’m on sick leave! I’d rather be on strike!!


Elmlea1981: I’m not on strike because I’m NASUWT however our school is closed for children because most other teachers are NUT


jamxmitchell: I would be on strike because of the damage Gove is doing to my children, not the pain he’s causing to my purse.  However I’m a member of the NASUWT

frogphilp I’m not on strike because I’m in the NASUWT. Nuff said.

TimothyRaybould I’m not on strike because I’m not in NUT or ATL. Does militant action work? Point gets across, but makes important people angry.

RichMiller66 I’m not on strike because I’m half way through a Y7 trip to Hadrian’s Wall but I would otherwise be out today

reddeviljp I let my colleagues lose a day’s pay whilst I gain from their sacrifice.”

AdiNotNow NOT on strike because my union has yet to decide when to get off the fence.

ianaddison I’m not striking because no one else in my school is and I don’t think 1 day off will make any difference to the government


teachingofsci I’m not on strike because my union is waiting for more information – perhaps they’re more optimistic about government than NUT/ATL


Are you on strike?  Why / Why not?  Please add your voice to the discussion.


9 responses to “I’m on strike because…”

  1. Avatar Voice Blog says:

    Voice: the union for education professionals : “We can only win the argument – which is a strong argument – on pensions at the negotiating table, not on the picket line.

    “In the modern world, public sector strikes do not achieve anything and are counter-productive. Governments do not change their plans because staff have gone on strike:

  2. Really interested in the way the lump sum that teachers receive has not been mentioned by either side. I suspect those in the private sector would find that galling.

  3. Avatar Nick Boardman says:

    Do people realise that teachers do not make up the public sector? I work in the sector via a national museum, my wage is no better than some of the worse paid private sector jobs, I work two jobs and support my family the best I can. I went on strike because the wage I earn is to decrease so much my out goings will be more than my wage…I am told the cuts are necessary, why then am I forced to claim benefits now? surely this is paid by the government? As for my pension I am paying to secure my retirment this has been stolen jepodising my right to a decent quality of life so the government will have to bail me out if I can’t afford to live…more expense. If we don’t stand up for our selves, our beliefs, our rights who will?

  4. Avatar Debbie says:

    I’m in NASUWT and totally frustrated at their weakness. ALL teachers should be striking and they should be doing it for the KIDS as well as themselves. Govt ministers try to say that strikes are bad for kids. Which of the following is worse for kids:

    a) missing a few days of school?
    b) being taught for seven years by an exhausted, underpaid burn-out who should have retired years before?

    Hmmmm, let me think about that…

    Oh and 2 more points…

    1) PARENTS – thanks to those supporting teachers. To the rest – we are not a babysitting service. Special kudos to the woman on the news with rainbow hair complaining that she couldn’t go out for the day because she had to look after her kids. I’m crying a river for you lady, honestly…
    2) Having worked in both private and public sector I can assure you that I have yet to meet any of these ‘public sector fatcats’ that certain elements of the press love to write about. Maybe the press could turn on the people who caused this mess. It wasn’t teachers – we were too busy working our a**es off to find time for a bit of economy-wrecking…

  5. Avatar anne hancox says:

    I value teachers but they dont realise how lucky they are and that taxpayers are funding them.

    They work only half the year and get all the school holidays off but get paid ALL 52 weeks of the year.

    They get paid much more than workers in the private sector
    They have jobs for life as it is almost impossible to sack an underperforming teacher.

    They have goldplated fat cat pensions worth between half a million to 1.5million pounds which is paid for by people like us paying tax who will get no pension.

    They get 6 months full paid sick leave whenever they want it.
    It is time for their nice little gravy train to end as it has for all of us normal working people

    • Anne, have you ever actually spoken to a real-life teacher? Have you ever sat in on a class and seen what teachers have to deal with? I really don’t think you do value teachers.

      I’m not a teacher – it’s too tough a job for me – I’m a tutor who has worked in schools and know what they deal with – which generally includes 12-hour days, working at weekends, abuse and extreme stress.

      The pension schemes that teachers contribute to (the idea that the poor little taxpayer pats teachers on the head and says ‘there you go, dearie, have a cool million quid on us’ is ludicrous) are part of what they signed up to. If you haven’t made pension arrangements, I don’t see how that’s the fault of the contracts teachers have been offered.

      If it’s such a cushy dream job, why haven’t you trained to be a teacher? Or is it less wonderful than you’re making out?

    • Avatar Nick says:

      Sorry Ann, teachers certainly do not do nothing during school holidays, I have worked with many and even in the 6 week break many hardly get a fortnight off…and when do you think they do lesson plans, assesments and marking? they can’t do it in the school day, they have to do it un paid in their OWN time. If oinly people realised how hard teachers have to work. An teachers pay their own pensions not the tax payer.

  6. Avatar Lily says:

    Hi,I really like your blog it taught me lots on how to improve my blog

    See you soon,Lily.

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