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Guest Post

Guest Post: Back to School – How to Motivate Your Class After the Summer Break

11th Oct 2012

After a summer full of free time – most of which kids will have spent sleeping, lazing around and playing – it’s no wonder that many pupils find the return to school a difficult adjustment. The school routine of the previous year is a distant memory, and this can make coming back into a learning […]

Maths Teaching Ideas: 10 Great Maths Games Sites

11th Jul 2011

Make maths fun with these online maths games – parents and teachers will find these a great way to increase kids enthusiasm about maths learning.

How to Impress at Interview

3rd Jun 2011

Hints and tips from a range of teachers and head teachers to help you succeed at your next interview

Does social networking result in poor grades?

22nd Dec 2010

Why one teachers doesn’t agree that social networking is a waste of time that results in poor grades

Why Every Teacher Should Have Two Websites

20th Dec 2010

Every teacher should have at least two websites. One for the class, and one for the world.

Can Culture and The Arts be Used to Bridge the Divide Between Rich and Poor Children?

3rd Nov 2010

What can be done to close the gap between rich and poor children?

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